The Godiva Spring Wicker Hamper is Perfect for Easter!

The Godiva Spring Wicker Hamper is Perfect for Easter!

Spring is on its way!
 This wicker hamper is packed with the best of their Easter surprises. Perfect to share with the family! Godiva chocolates are known worldwide for being irresistibly delicious and a treat for all the senses, but how are these decadent chocolates and pralines made? How is it possible to produce so many thrilling tastes, textures and sensations in each and every bite?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, their creative Chef Chocolatiers who uphold the Godiva values. Secondly, the finest GMO-free ingredients that are used in every single aspect of Godiva chocolate making. To create the highest quality end result – the most sumptuous chocolates imaginable. Enrobing chocolate, whether white, milk or dark, is a key element of the Godiva experience and only the very best quality will suffice. To ensure this, Godiva creates its own chocolate from a special recipe. With everything from the choice of the cocoa beans. To the degree of roasting to the fineness of the grinding. Being carefully thought out to give the most exquisite results. Godiva ensures the purity and homogeneity of the chocolate paste, before refining it using a traditional method called conching. Despite the relaxation of EU rules, Godiva refuses to cut corners when it comes to chocolate.

Only chocolate made from 100 percent cocoa butter is used in the creation of Godiva masterpieces, for that unique richness and depth of flavour that Godiva is celebrated for. Expert chocolatiers use five different techniques in order to produce the variety of shapes and subtle layers of taste in Godiva chocolates. These include moulding, extrusion, enrobing by hand or under a curtain of liquid chocolate, dipping and hand-piped decoration. Using the right combination of chocolate production methods and techniques means that each Godiva piece is distinct as a perfect, individual work of art.

Hand-piped decoration is the perfect way for Godiva artists to add the final finishing flourish to carefully created chocolates, and all of the intricate chocolate calligraphy is done with little paper piping bags and a steady hand. An iconic example of this is the leaf which decorates the Godiva Signature chocolate. This leaf design actually has an interesting story behind it, being designed to celebrate the release of ‘Gone with the Wind’ in Brussels in 1949, as a stylised version of the feather worn in Scarlett O’Hara’s hat. It’s now a classic hand-piped Godiva icon inspired by a classic of the silver screen.

This adorable Spring Wicker Hamper includes:

– Their 18pcs POPs box
– Their Milk Chocolate Pixie Egg
– 9pcs Cube Truffle box

You can see the Spring collection at Godiva here and if you fancy winning a Godiva Spring Wicker Hamper for yourself or someone special, just enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck!­

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