The Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Their Suits

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Their Suits

Today we’re going to discuss the biggest mistakes men make with their suits and how easy it is to rectify them. If I tell you to close your eyes right now and imagine a powerful man, what do you suppose this man is wearing? Let me guess, a suit, right? Because wearing a suit can make you feel and look powerful, that is why today I wanted to make sure that when you put a suit on, you are doing it correctly because you deserve to look your best.

Everyone needs a good suit; trust me when I say it will make you feel and look powerful. You will look your absolute best in a suit, so check out some Quality Mens Suits, and start dressing to impress.

Branding on Sleeve & Pocket/Vent Stitching

So let’s jump into mistake number one. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen guys wearing a full suit or a suit jacket that still had the branding stitch on the sleeve. Some suits will come with the logo, the tags, or whatever on the sleeves and other places as well. Make sure that you cut them off remove them completely; you’re not supposed to have visible logos, so don’t be afraid to remove them.

If you see a guy wearing a suit with a logo stitched on the sleeve, then let them know, “Hey, you’re not really supposed to keep that; that’s why there’s only one stitch holding that together”.

Also, one of the most common mistakes men make with their suits is that they forget to remove the stitching on the pockets and the stitching holding the vents together; that is all supposed to be removed. I know it’s a little scary to cut that stitching if you buy a new suit and you don’t really know what you’re doing, but trust me on this one, grab a pair of scissors and cut it so that the vents can move around that is what they’re for, they’re supposed to be flexible, they’re supposed to be flowy.


Did you know that you’re actually not supposed to button the bottom button of a suit? I see a lot of men making this mistake. It separates the gentlemen, the guys who know what they’re doing, from the rookies who have never worn a suit before, and by the way, that’s okay, right? That’s why you’re here, to learn!

So there are three-button jackets that are less common, and there are more common two-button jackets; regardless, you should never button the bottom button. Also, when you’re standing up, you should have the suit buttoned up, just the top button.

However, when you’re about to sit down, if you’re going to keep your jacket on while you’re sitting, you should always unbutton your jacket and then sit down. It’s proper suit etiquette, it’s more comfortable, and you’re not going to run the risk of ripping your buttons open when you sit. Now, this is not because you need to go on a diet; it’s just because suits are supposed to fit you perfectly, so when you sit, it’s going to be tight, so remember, unbutton and then sit.

Wearing a Watch

Now let’s go over some styling do’s and don’ts, for example, wearing a watch. Can you or should you wear a watch with a suit? You don’t have to, but in my opinion, the right watch can elevate a suit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but please do not wear a G-Shock or an Apple Watch with the rubber band when you’re wearing a suit; it just does not go well together. Instead, wear a classy watch, stainless steel band, gold band, leather band, not rubber or plastic, because that’s going to cheapen your whole outfit.


How about trainers? Can you wear trainers with a suit? The answer is yes, you can! If you want to dress your suit down, make it more casual, less formal, then wearing white leather trainers is totally acceptable as long as it’s a clean style with no designs, no big logos or prominent branding and clean like in the sense of not dirty.

Shirt & Tie

In that same vein, don’t think you have to wear a shirt and a tie with your suit. Of course, it’s a classic look, but you can experiment a little bit here and have some fun. Go for something like a nice t-shirt that’s not going to cheapen your suit look or even a turtleneck underneath, and you’re going to look great. You could even wear an unbuttoned shirt underneath without a tie if you want a more casual look that’s still pretty sharp.


Now, if you’re going to wear a suit, please bring your nice accessories. Pulling out a velcro wallet when you wear a suit is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make; they don’t go together. The same goes for a super chunky fat wallet with receipts and a bunch of change.

I recommend a slim leather wallet, something that is not bulky. You don’t want anything bulky inside your jacket pocket because it changes the fit of your suit, and the same goes for your back pocket; it’s not a good look. So get something that is thin and classy; I’d even say that a cardholder is an excellent investment here because they’re small. They’ll fit into your pocket very easily, and you can carry everything you need without adding bulk to your outfit.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions about mistakes men make with their suits in general. I’ll try to answer as many as possible!

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