So, We’re Not Doing Christmas Cards This Year…

So, We’re Not Doing Christmas Cards This Year…

I have been wondering whether to cut back our Christmas card list, for several years. Last year I must have sent about 100. So this year, I was thinking of only sending cards to around 40. But already I am feeling The Guilt at even considering this, let alone doing it.

So here I am. Now faced with a Christmas card list of family, acquaintances and old colleagues. My only communication with these people is by Christmas cards each year. I’ll be honest with you, each year I get increasingly irritated by this process. The cost and the waste of paper. Surely, people I don’t know very well don’t need one? If I haven’t spoken to them all year, why would I just because it’s Christmas?! I mean, with close friends and family we can give a personal greeting (and sometimes even a glass of bubbly!) So why do I also then send them a bit of cardboard to clutter up their shelf? It’s madness.

The beauty that is the round-robin letter

And while I am at it I don’t really mind if we don’t receive any. Especially if there is a round-robin letter inside, ha! However, a personal letter addressed to us with references to us in it, is lovely. A photocopied letter with our names filled in at the top is anything but lovely.

My favourite ever round robin was the A-Z of Johnson family achievements of 2012. It stretched to three pages including photos. They really are such a proud family. I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed that the smuggest of smug people who have sent us the most detailed multicoloured round robin for the past 5 years or so are getting divorced. I mean it is obviously very sad for them, but how sad for us….we have dined out on the awfulness of their round robin for years, and now (I strongly suspect) we won’t be getting another.

Of course the cost is prohibitive too

I hand deliver to family and friends who are local if I can, but the overseas ones and the distant ones cost over £20 in stamps alone, and that’s for less than 30 cards. Then there is the cost of the cards themselves, I like nice ones so spend about £20 on the actual cards too. I don’t blame people for thinking it’s all got too expensive.

After several years of discussion in our household, it’s been decided that from now on we will not be sending Christmas cards. And I have to say, it’s actually quite liberating. Instead, any money saved by not sending cards will be used to purchase items from Refuge’s gift list. This will go to someone (either a woman or a child) who is living in a refuge this Christmas and hopefully make their day a little bit brighter.

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