How to Create a Rustic Home Décor Look

How to Create a Rustic Home Décor Look

With the outside world in a perpetual state of change, it can be comforting to manufacture an environment that is timeless and homely to retire to after a day spent surviving the busy modern world. That’s why the rustic interior design look has fallen back into favour in the last few years. Real wooden tables, tiled floors, large patterned rugs, hand-carved furniture and a general sense of organic, rugged charm; the rustic look is warm and open, and is remarkably simple and cost-effective to achieve with your décor.

What is Rustic?

Any interior design that emphasises warm tones, floral patterns and a style that reflects a link to the natural world will typically be referred to as “quintessentially rustic.” With the mental and physical wellbeing we associate with the great outdoors, it’s no wonder the style has taken off in a modern world that is otherwise obsessed with the shiny, the noisy and the manufactured. There are no rules set in stone regarding what makes a home rustic. But generally speaking, there are a few guidelines you might want to follow.

Wood and Stone

A natural wooden floor speaks “rustic” louder than almost anything else you can throw at a modern home. Reclaimed wood can lend an old, worn look to a kitchen or dining room, whilst stone fireplaces and walls will almost give off the impression of a cosy log cabin. If your home is already bursting with old-school character and charm, don’t hide it; do whatever it takes to underline that charm.

Natural Fabrics

Keep things simple with the upholstery. Neutral colours are your friends here, with splashes of red, gold, green and brown also helping to balance a room out. Heavy curtains and blinds can help emulate that classic country look that works well in rustic interiors, whilst furniture can be given a rustic spin with a simple throw rug (or a cowhide if you’re feeling particularly adventurous).

Natural Colours

If you have a predilection towards bright colours and heavily patterned wallpaper, rustic might not be the look for you. However, you are happy to stick to natural colours and supplement them with the materials mentioned above, you might be on to a winner. If in doubt, look to the natural world for inspiration.


A relatively modern trend, but one that is perfectly compatible with the rustic look; upcycling involves taking something old and disused and transforming it into something useable and unique. Pallet wood is incredibly cheap and is the cornerstone building material of many upcycling projects. And you’ll find countless abandoned pieces of furniture at your local tipping centre just waiting to be brought back from the brink.

Get Creative

Of course, the rustic look also lends itself well to experimentation. So, don’t be afraid to bring your home’s existing features into the fold and see what works together. With rustic; there are no rules!

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