Our Top Tips For Achieving Your Dream Wedding

Our Top Tips For Achieving Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are so expensive! It’s hard to keep the focus on what’s truly important when your budget seems to shrink by the second. Fortunately, extravagant wedding trends are a thing of the past. Modern weddings are all about making savings, and there are loads of ways to save on your wedding decor. These don’t have to be boring. By thinking creatively and being willing to DIY, you’ll be surprised what you can do.

Consider a Dress Straight off the Rack

Just because the store doesn’t claim to be a bridal shop doesn’t mean you can’t find something fabulous to wear for your wedding day. So don’t be afraid to wear something that looks great just because it didn’t come from a top bridal salon.


If you have the opportunity to wear or redesign a wedding gown, please consider it. There’s something so special about donning a vintage dress with so many memories. You can get rid of those eighties-style sleeves by using the fabric for your veil!

Cheap Wedding Decorations

We love IKEA for this. So many of their products make beautiful centrepieces just as they are. These wedding decorations certainly aren’t going to break the bank. However, if you want to go a step further, there are many simple ways to customise your purchases. A bit of spray paint and cheap additions can help cater these low-cost decor items to your theme perfectly.

Artificial flowers

Real flowers can cost an absolute fortune. So if you’re looking for ways to cut costs on your wedding decor, why not try fake ones? The benefits of artificial flowers really are endless: they’re cheap, easy, and their stamens won’t cause any pesky stains. So why not give them a go today? If you’re feeling brave, you can also try your hand at making your own confetti. There are many guides available online about how to do just this.

Keep the Cost of Wedding Favours Down

Wedding favours have been given for hundreds of years. Traditionally, they were only given to female guests and symbolised the newly married couple jointly bestowing their luck. Nowadays, weddings are more personalised, and you have more freedom with your choice of favours and who to give them to. Giving favours is the perfect way to appreciate your guests for honouring your wedding day with their presence. Our favourite cost-effective ideas are plant favours, personalised chocolate bars and fortune cookies!

Choosing a Venue

Finally, it’s true to say that not much else can happen without a venue! So our advice to you would be to leave all of the other decisions that need to be made (for now!) and focus on finding the venue of your dreams. Many of the most popular wedding venues get booked up months or years in advance, all the more reason to make choosing a venue your priority. And if you find that your preferred date isn’t available, don’t be afraid to consider other options such as Sundays or even a weekday which are becoming more and more popular due to the saving that can be made in venue hire fees.

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