Not All Superheroes Wear Capes! – National Grandparents’ Day 7 October

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes! – National Grandparents’ Day 7 October

They’re Superheroes, they save parents £16billion per year**
& at 47yrs* Grandparents are Younger than you think!

Grandparents are the Unsung Heroes in families, ‘flying in’ to provide help where needed. In fact, they are the Number One source of childcare in the UK. Saving parents more than £16 billion per year** and according to research published today** by The Grandparent Hub, of 14 million Grandparents in the UK. Over 9million Grandparents help out by ‘Grandsharenting’ regularly.

‘Not only are today’s Grandparents superheroes, providing invaluable love and help to their families, they’re smashing preconceived stereotypes!

With the average age of first-time Grandparents in the UK being just 47yrs old*. Gone are outdated images of knitting, pipe-smoking Nans and Grandads. Our Grandparents are active, internet/media savvy and fully aware of kids’ trends such as flossing and baby shark. One of our Grandparents even recently travelled around India with her Granddaughter, how wonderful is that!’ (Suellen Morris, Founder of The Grandparent Hub)

Hannah appreciates the value of her parents helping out only too well when in 2017 they came to her family’s rescue after a cancer diagnosis. They provided ‘Grandsharenting’ help by looking after her and their Grandchildren. Cooking meals and helping with childcare. ‘I couldn’t have managed without them to be honest. My Mum is wonderful and certainly isn’t a stereotypical Granny, she’s started a dressmaking group with her friends for their grandchildren and they’ve called it Dress Club 7!’  (Hannah Beadsworth, The Grandparent Hub)

Dr Niamh is a great modern-day Grandparent. She has been a singer, having sung with many big bands of her generation, an environmental campaigner and also a writer of Children’s books. The Grandparent Hub is a special place to share the magic and joy of Grandparenthood. It also offers the opportunity to pass on our collective, accumulated wisdom and to be a supportive network for each other… it’s a great idea and much needed.’

Some lesser known Celebrity Grandparents include: Ricky Hatton, Frank Bruno, Janet Ellis, Jennifer Saunders, Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen, Pierce Brosnan, CeeLo Green, Jim Carey, Lord Sugar, Larry Lamb, Ian Botham, Goldie Hawn and Sue Wells

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