How to Stock A Home Bar Cart and Become The Hostess With The Mostest

The mad men-esque home bar cart is enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment. Personally, I think it’s high time somebody gave this old relic a Pinterest makeover. However, I think there’s a special way of doing it because it’s very easy for it to either appear outdated or a little try hard.


The perfect cocktail is as much about quality ingredients as it is about detail and presentation. Ideally, all drinks should be served in their own appropriate glassware.

Here’s a list of glassware that I recommend for a well stocked bar cart:
•    Martini glasses
•    Tumblers
•    White wine glasses
•    Champagne flutes
•    A flask
•    Shot glass set
•    Moscow mule mug
•    Decanter
•    Pitcher

You’ll be prepared for most requests with that list, It’s a great starting point. And of course they’d be no beautiful cocktails without beautiful barware. I’ve listed what I deem to be essentials below:
•    Serving tray
•    Ice bucket
•    Bar tools
•    Bottle stopper
•    Ice scooper
•    Bar spoon
•    Corkscrew
•    Stir sticks
•    Bottle opener

Have fun!

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