Review of The Cookut Creazy Whipped Cream Shaker

It’s a deliciously exciting day here at Vivre Le Rêve HQ, because we’ve been asked for our opinion on the innovative Cookut Creazy Whipped Cream Shaker.IMG_5398

And long story short, we’re converts! I love it’s design, it’s both modern and classic at the same time, it certainly won’t look out of place in the kitchen cabinet next to the Aga, which most unsightly electric mixers and beaters do.


It has to be seen to be believed but it honestly creates delicious whipped cream in 30 seconds. You simply place your desired amount of ‘normal’ double cream into the jar with a spoonful of granulated sugar and the 3 Creazy balls (included), place the lid on and shake. We spend a lot of time in the South of France and finding any kind of whipped cream there has been a bit of a task in itself, so I’ll definitely be taking a second one of these over there.

FullSizeRender 2

It’s a great little job for older children to do too, often times when I’m hosting a dinner party it’s far easier to also find the boy a helpful job do alongside mine. And plating up cold desserts, is often his favourite job to help with, hmm I wonder why? Ha. The clever little silicone Creazy balls are reusable and it’s also dishwasher safe, which is great, because quite honestly something that isn’t, has no business being in my kitchen.


We served our delicious Creazy whipped cream with homemade chocolate fudge cake, because we’re feeling especially naughty today. It’s also delicious with meringues and strawberries, why not try my idiot proof microwave meringue recipe? Meringues in 2mins? Yes please!


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