How to Pronounce Hermes, Balmain, Givenchy and Many More!

rYdG1rjFThere’s literally nothing worse than being in a high end department store, asking where their *insert fancy pants designer name here* department is and being given the death stare by a snooty shop floor assistant because you pronounced the name wrong. Trust me, it happened to me in a very large, very posh store and I just wanted the ground to swallow me whole. For those of us not fortunate enough to grow up with these beautiful designer labels, discovering them in adulthood can be quite the obstacle course.

Although, before I let you in on this little list, let me make it perfectly clear that you should never actually stand for that snooty death stare from any sales assistant, no matter the store, whatever reason they’ve deemed you lower than themselves is never acceptable. And after that embarrassing experience I emailed the very store in question, who took my complaint very seriously. They reprimanded said sales assistant and invited me back to their flagship store for a complimentary facial and champagne, I still spend an exorbitant amount of money with them to this day!

Hermès: er-mez

Hervé Léger: air-vay lay-jah

Hussein Chalayan: hoo-sane sha-lion

Kinder Aggugini: kinder ag-ooh-gee-nee

Moschino: mos-key-no

Olivier Theyskens: oh-liv-ee-ay tay-skins

Proenza Schouler: pro-en-zuh skool-er

Rochas: row-shahs

Rodarte: row-dar-tay

Sonia Rykiel: sewn-yah ree-key-el

Thakoon: tah-koon

Versace: vur-sah-chee

Yves Saint Laurent: eve san lau-ron

Yohji Yamamoto: yoh-jee yam-ah-mo-to

Anna Sui: anna swee

Ann Demeulemeester: ann de-mule-eh-meester

Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah

Badgley Mischka: badge-lee meesh-kah

Bottega Veneta: bow-tay-guh vah-netta

Christian Lacroix: christian luh-kwa

Christian Louboutin: christian loo-boo-tan

Comme des Garçons: comb dey gah-sown

Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chey and gab-ana

Giambattista Valli: gee-am-bah-tease-ta vah-lee

Gianfranco Ferre: gee-ahn-franco feh-ray

Givenchy: zjee-von-shee

Lanvin: lahn-vahn

L’Wren Scott: la-ren scott

Maison Martin Margiela: may-sohn martin mar-jhell-ah

Marchesa: mar-kay-sah

Issey Miyake: iss-ee mee-yah-key

Jean Paul Gaultier: zhon paul go-tee-ay

Junya Watanabe: jun-yah wat-an-ah-bey

Loewe: loh-wev-eh

Mary Katrantzou: mary cat-trant-zoo

Miu Miu: mew-mew

Monique Lhuillier: monique le-hu-lee-ay

Louis Vuitton: loo-wee vwee-tahn

Dries Van Noten: drees van know-ten

Gareth Pugh: gareth pew

Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah

Balmain: bahl-mahhhhn

Roksanda Ilincic: roksanda ill-in-chik

Salvatore Ferragamo: sal-vah-tor-re fer-ra-gah-moh

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