How to Solve Household Problems with Toothpaste!

How to Solve Household Problems with Toothpaste!

The cleansing power and abrasive texture of toothpaste actually make it quite useful all over the house. If you want to clean, shine, or solve other problems with toothpaste, choose the regular white version instead of a gel.

Permanent marker remover

A lot of people don’t know that you can use toothpaste to erase marker stains from wood.

Restore trainers

By scrubbing with toothpaste you can make your trainers look as good as new.


Notice your favourite piece of silver jewellery not looking its best? Wet it, rub with a little toothpaste, rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Don’t do this too often though: toothpaste will remove tarnish brilliantly, but as it is more abrasive than traditional silver polish it could lead to problems if used too often.

Piano Keys

Rub each key gently with a damp, cotton swab and a touch of paste. Wipe dry and buff with a clean cloth. It takes time, but you’ll be stunned by how nice your piano looks in the end.

Carpet Stains

Squeeze toothpaste onto the stain, scrub with a toothbrush, rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.


This one is my favourite. Just rub a bit of toothpaste over your bathroom fixtures with a wet sponge to get gunk off chrome. And leave your whole bathroom sparkling.

Shower Doors

Dampen a sponge and smear it with a bit of whitening toothpaste. Clean the shower doors with a circular swipe and rinse thoroughly and you’ll be able to see through them again!

Make-up marks

If a lipstick mark or mascara smudge makes its way onto your countertop or mirror, use toothpaste to whisk the pigment away quickly.

Watermarks on wood

These watermark rings can be buffed out quickly with a damp cloth and a little toothpaste. Mix it with baking soda to double the effect.

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