Just Landlords Is Looking For Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden!

I’m super excited to be showing you my entry for Just Landlords’ “Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden” competition. Just Landlords (UK-based provider of specialist landlord insurance) is looking for Britain’s most beautiful garden. They’re judging the competition with the help of a special guest judge and the prize is £250 worth of Love2shop vouchers.

Why do you love being in your garden?

Gardening is good for the British soul, there’s no doubt about it. On elf my favourite books growing up was The Secret Garden, a story with nature at its heart. We learn very early that gardens are magical places, that the landscape is incredibly important to who we are.

I think that one of the reasons adults love gardening so much is that, for many of us, it’s the closest we get to play. Burying our hands into the soil and watching leaves bud and flowers bloom is an everyday magic accessible to all of us who choose to pay attention.

What’s your favourite garden feature and why?

My favourite garden feature is our Magnolia tree. It’s truly stunning when it’s in full bloom which almost always around the Easter weekend and our son’s birthday. When our son was small he used to love climbing it and many hours were spent building dens around it. Today, the most excitement it experiences is our Maine Coon balancing cautiously to get a closer look at the local taunting magpie who always evades him.

Why do you think your garden deserves the title “Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden”?

Because it’s been a real joy to watch my son explore it over the years. It’s also a canine paradise to our beloved pups, Bella the Border Collie and Teddy the Lhasa Apso. I’m happy that it shows people that you don’t have to choose between your dog and a beautiful garden.

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