How To Incorporate More Vegan Meals Into Your Life?

More and more people are slowly switching to a plant-based diet thanks to its proven health and ethical benefits. In the UK alone, there are around 540,000 vegans, 3 million vegetarians and a strong rise in flexitarians. More celebrities are actively exposing this new lifestyle, making it one of the most trendy subjects of the year. You’ve seen it in my blog, I don’t shy away from trying vegetarian or vegan recipes, so here are my tips to incorporate more plant-based options into your daily life.

Swap for plant-based options

There are so many vegan options out there, it’s so easy to simply switch and swap some products that you use regularly. If you typically go for milk or cream in your tea or coffee, use non-dairy milk instead. There are so many different types, there will be one for you for sure. Some of the best and tastiest choices for coffee are cashew milk, oat milk or almond milk. If you’re just a milk lover, why not try rice milk on its own ? You’d be surprised how tasty it actually is.

Do it yourself

Switching to a more plant-based diet will force you to be slightly more creative and use much more vegetables. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, why not start your own vegetable patch ? You could even set up a polytunnel or a greenhouse in your garden to grow a variety of vegetables. Firstly, it will considerably lower your grocery bill but it will also give you the opportunity to appreciate vegetables more. Nothing tastes better than something you’ve grown yourself.

Take it easy

You don’t have to turn vegan overnight and start completely cutting out meat and cheese. You could start with small steps like Meatless Monday or Veganuary, you’d be surprised how easy it is. I’d advise you to do plenty of research before you start anything, it’s easy to start panicking and thinking veganism too difficult or impossible.

Veganism is a great way to start eating healthier and trying new exciting food. It doesn’t have to be permanent or even difficult, all it takes is a bit of research, creativity and organisation. And you, are you vegan ? How did you transition to a plant-based diet ? Or have you just incorporated more vegan meals into your life ?

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