Should You Go to the Manufacturer for Repairs?

When we buy a new appliance or gadget, the manufacturer will often offer a service repair alongside it. If your warranty does not cover such repairs, will it be worth returning them to them for the repairs? Let’s consider whether this will be the right decision for you.

Expert Knowledge

You will benefit from their expert knowledge when you go to the manufacturer for your repair. You will probably never get a better level of service except for the manufacturer, no matter where you go. They are also most likely to be responsive as smaller teams will be working with just themselves and maybe someone to help them with their minor admin tasks. If you need someone to be with you quickly, your best bet might be to get in touch with the manufacturer.


However, manufacturers don’t always have their repair team. Though they may claim to have licensed engineers working for them, you can often find that they outsource their work to another business.

This means you have zero control over who will come to your home. You will have no idea what company they are coming from and what kind of credentials they might have, except that the manufacturer has hired them. You might as well do the research yourself.

Trusted Traders

When you are searching for your tradesman, you need to make sure that you are finding someone qualified to take on the job you want to do. Not every electrician can walk into your home and fix your problem. If you are looking for something specific, like AEG appliance repairs, you should look at the people AEG recommends.

They will have a list of trusted traders you can contact to schedule a repair on your terms. This is fantastic as it means you can fully control the vetting process. In your own time, you can research the tradesman and read through their reviews and testimonials.


The advantage of going to a manufacturer over a trusted trader is whether you need a replacement. If the tradesman discovers a severe fault, they may have no choice but to recommend you find a new item. Some people want a like-for-like. If this is the case for you, a tradesperson from the manufacturer might be the better person, as they might be able to order a replacement right then and there.

If you have chosen to use a trusted trader instead, you might be stumped if you need a replacement. While they might be able to recommend somewhere you can go to find one, you might be left with the problem until a replacement unit can be sourced.


One important thing to consider is that going directly to the manufacturers will nearly always be more expensive. You might get the best service, but it will nearly always come at a premium. If you need to save a little money, you might be better off looking at a trusted trader instead. Just be very aware of the cost here. If a deal seems like it would be too good to be true, you need to find out why.

There will be times when it is better to go to the manufacturer and when it will be better to source your help. No matter what, ensure you end the process with a repaired or new appliance and a bill that suits your needs.

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