8 Great Car Modifications that Won’t Break the Bank

8 Great Car Modifications that Won’t Break the Bank

Many people don’t get into car modifications because they expect it to be too expensive, even though they’ve always dreamed of it. But few realise that you don’t have to spend thousands to enhance your vehicle. Not only that, but there are tons of seemingly complex modifications you can do on your own and save on labour, which usually counts for a large portion of any job. Here are some affordable car modifications that are sure to turn heads.

Get 3D Plates

There are certain limits to what you can do with your plate, but going with 3D leaves is a nice touch that can be a great addition to a performance or classic car. But you have to ensure that you get the plates from the right supplier, or you might not be able to take the car on the road.

Seat Covers

Why spend thousands extra for some leather seats when you can quickly get the look with seat covers? Whether you want a classic look or are a fan of the sporty look, lovely seat covers will instantly elevate your car’s interior design. These are also great if you want to hide cuts or tears on the seats.

Stripes and Wrapping

While getting your car wrapped isn’t the cheapest modification, it will still cost you less than getting it painted. However, when done right, it can have some significant effects. You could also do this, but it will require time, skill, and dust-free space.

You don’t have to wrap the entire car, either. Some people use covering to accentuate the hood, mirrors, or spoiler.

Getting stripes is another excellent addition you could try. You could even go out with racing decals and stickers for a complete look. They aren’t as expensive as you may imagine either, and it’s another thing that you could do on your own.

Interior Trim Wrap

This one is less common, but you could also have the interior of the car wrapped. You don’t have to go all out; you can replace the trim in your vehicle with some vinyl wrap. You can have virtually any type of finish, whether carbon fibre, leather, or high gloss – the only limit is your imagination.

Headlight Tinting

Many people wrongfully think all headlight tinting forms are illegal, but that’s not the case. As long as you are not blocking the light and staying within the confines of the law, these are perfectly fine. Headlight tints can give any vehicle a nice, stealthy look and are one of the least expensive modifications you can make on a car. Not only that, but they will also help protect your headlights from scratches and dents.

Windows Tinting

Tinted windows are also a great option if you not only want to add to your car’s look but if you want more privacy as well. Tinted windows also have the benefit of being able to block UV rays and reduce heat in the interior of the car. There are also plenty of DIY kits out there that you can find if you want to save on installation. There are restrictions on tinting front side windows and the windscreen, though.

Interior Lighting Kit

LEDs are a great cheap way to make your interior stand out and give it a unique feel. They can also make it more functional. You can add backlighting in specific spots like the console or footwells and instantly make them pop.

Paint Car Parts

If you’re not afraid of a challenge and feel like you’re capable, another thing you could do is paint visible car parts. For instance, painting your callipers or brake drums could make them stand out and make your car look sportier. Some people even paint parts of their engines.

If you want to get it right, make sure that you take the parts out first. This way, you’ll ensure that you won’t get paint on your car by accident or all over your brake discs. Also, make sure you buy good colour, as you don’t want it to start chipping away.

Those mods could instantly improve the look of a vehicle and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Not only that, but you could even install most of them yourself if you have the skills.

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