How To Find a Job in the Fashion Industry

How To Find a Job in the Fashion Industry

Today I would like to share a few tips with you on ways to start working in the fashion industry and the leading positions you can get access to.

There are many jobs in the fashion industry, but one thing that most employees have in common is a passion and love for fashion. It could show in many ways:

  • Being up to date with industry news
  • Knowing the current trends
  • Reading fashion magazines
  • Vlogs
  • Following brands closely through social media etc

Before you start working in fashion, consider the fact that it’s a significantly changing industry. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the pros and the cons. That’s why passion is crucial because it will keep you motivated.

The easiest way to break into the fashion industry is to start working in a retail store; it can give you some clear ideas of what the industry is like. This way you can also compare different companies. Usually, how things work in the store is a reflection of their corporate strategy too. You will see whether the employees love coming to work every day or if it’s the other way around. If you already have a degree and speak a few languages, you stand a good chance of being promoted internally, even to a corporate position. Even if you study something fashion related nothing beats real-world experience.

Many people start in fashion by taking an internship. These internships help you learn everything from the inside. Apply for internships while you’re still at school and pay attention to the way you dress. No other industry has the same emphasis on matching the company culture through the way you dress. An internship serves as an extended interview and could eventually land you a permanent position.

Some of the most common and in-demand corporate positions in the fashion industry are:

  • Fashion designer
  • Collection buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Patternmaker
  • Graphic designer
  • Product manager
  • eCommerce department roles
  • Customer service
  • Art direction
  • Styling
  • Photography
  • Human Resources
  • Area management
  • Marketing and communication
  • Finances
  • IT
  • Transport and logistics

But what are the secrets for getting into the fashion industry that people don’t want to tell you?

So let’s say you’re a blank canvas and haven’t got anything to do with the fashion industry yet. I’d say step one is looking online on Instagram for an internship by either following different stylists or whatever your field in fashion is. Follow different stylists and look out for opportunities because they’ll put stuff on their stories saying that they need an assistant or someone to help them with this or that, so keep an eye out for that, and those will likely lead to internships.

So definitely keep your eyes peeled, follow different people on Instagram that are in your preferred profession, and make sure you’re looking at everything that’s going on now.

A step following that is now that you follow all these stylists, it’s time to DM all of them. I know that the first day can be nerve-wracking. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask something like: “I’m trying to get into styling if there’s anything I can assist you with, please can I…”, and at first, you’re going to be nervous because you’re going to be like “Oh, what if they say no? What if they this… what if they…” but that doesn’t matter. After all, if they ignore it, it doesn’t detract from your life. Your life isn’t any worse. Your career isn’t any worse if they say no, okay? Well, there are a hundred million other stylists on the app, so even if one says no, you can always ask another.

Next, it’s wise to team up with a fashion recruitment agency. They are professionals, know all there is to know about the industry and will support you every step of the way because it’s in their interests for you to be successful too.

Now obviously, I’ve only provided a few main tips here because it’s impossible to cover every angle in one article about getting into the fashion industry and having a job in fashion. So if you know any more tips and tricks, definitely put them in the comment section for everyone else to read. I’d love to read them too. Also, I’m sure there’s stuff you can teach us, so if you know anything, comment below.

If you have more questions, comment below and I’ll try and reply to them if I can’t; I’m sure there’ll be someone else who knows an answer or has an idea, so I want this to be a conversation in the comment section as well to try and help everyone. Thanks for reading!

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