What Questions to Ask at an Interview

What Questions to Ask at an Interview

If you prepared for your interview thoroughly, you’ve probably done a lot of background research into the company that you haven’t had a chance to show off yet. Well this is your moment: think of something interesting you saw on their website and weave this into a question. Even if you’ve proven you’re more than capable of the role, asking your own questions help you control the interview and show your personality and what you say here could sway an undecided interviewer to favour you over a candidate with similar experience.

The ultimate no-no of questions to ask in an interview has to be asking outright whether you’ve got the job. Even if everything went well up until that point and they were likely to offer you the role. Asking on the spot whether the job is yours is tactless. Of course it can be hard to walk away without knowing the outcome when you really want the job, but that’s just part of job interview etiquette.

A common interview mistake is to only prepare a couple of great questions.

This can lead to problems if the interviewer already covers these topics. Make sure you prepare at least a dozen questions to cover you in case this happens. It’s better to be prepared then left with nothing to offer at the end.

Ultimately, who you’re interviewing with should help you decide what questions you ask. For example, if your first interview is with a recruiter. Rather than someone in the department you’d be working in. Edit your questions accordingly and ask about the company culture or how long employees typically stay at the company for. If you’re interviewing with the hiring manager, questions around succeeding in the role and desired accomplishments might be more appropriate.

It also goes without saying that topics such as bonuses. How long you’ll get for lunch or annual holiday allowance should be avoided until you know for sure that you’ve got the job. Asking these questions beforehand suggests your heart is in the wrong place and you’re not serious about the role.

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