Here’s What You Can Prepare In Your Garden This March

Here’s What You Can Prepare In Your Garden This March

Need ideas for the garden? Here’s what you can start planting and prepping in March:

Add a splash of early colour with forsythia. The deciduous forsythia bush offers arching branches of bright yellow flowers for a splash of spring color in your garden. Forsythia bushes produce flowers first, with the green foliage appearing once the flowers fade.


  • Choose a location with full sunlight and well-draining soil. Verify the mature height and spread of the forsythia variety chosen. Check for overhead obstructions when planting tall varieties and allow enough space between the forsythia and other plants to accommodate the branch spread.
  • Dig a planting hole that is at least two times wider than the root ball and the same depth. Set the forsythia root ball into the hole. Verify the top of the root ball is at ground level or just slightly above.
  • Fill the removed soil around the root ball to hold the bush in place. Pack the soil firmly around the roots. Saturate the hole with water to compact the soil around the roots. Add more soil if needed once the water recedes. Discard any excess soil removed from the hole.

Stargazer Lily

It’s also time to bury bulbs of lilies in compost-filled containers, to give your outdoor space a sensational scent this summer. Two of our favourites are Muscadet and Stargazer.

It’s a good idea to prune summer-flowering clematis right back to lowest buds. And any deciduous shrubs such as buddleia, jasmine, lavatera and hardy fuchsia. Don’t be worried about pruning too much, remember, the lower the cut, the more they’ll bloom!

This is a great time to use a balanced lawn fertiliser. I prefer to use a slow release spring lawn fertiliser, it’s ideal for spring lawn care treatment.

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