Here’s Why Daily Showering May Not Be A Good Idea

Here’s Why Daily Showering May Not Be A Good Idea

An increasing amount of studies have suggested we could be doing more harm than good by keeping our skin squeaky clean. The outermost layer of the skin is mostly composed of skin cells loaded with keratin. The same substance that makes up your hair and nails. If you suffer from itchy, dry skin, it could be a result of showering too frequently. Upsetting the moisture levels in your skin’s barrier function. Advocates of non-daily showers say their skin is smoother and more resilient, no doubt down to their stronger skin barrier.

Your skin is colonised by various species of fungi, bacteria and viruses – also known as the microbiome. Recent research has suggested we should be working with our microbiome rather than against it for optimal skin and health and that daily bathing can wash away the good bacteria. One study even goes as far as to suggest over-showering can ultimately lead to a weaker immune system and increase our risk of certain infections.

Our body and skin require a balance between alkaline and acidity for our acid mantle

The barrier that keeps moisture in and germs and toxins out. Anything over seven is considered alkaline. Skin that falls on this end tends to be drier and more wrinkly. While skin that’s too acidic can appear red, irritated and itchy. Countless skin experts insist we’re misusing soap products. Which tend to have an alkaline pH but when used more than once a day, can affect the acid mantle. In short, stripping the skin with certain cleansers can make your pH soar, making it harder to keep out bad bacteria.

Showers needn’t be long – keep yours to five minutes and make sure the water’s warm, not hot. Be wary of foaming agents such as sodium laureth sulfate, which can strip the skin of its natural moisture. Instead, look to paraben-free, dermatologically-tested formulas. Dermatologists say you only need a 10p-sized amount of shower gel. And it’s only needed where you sweat – think under the arms, feet and around the genital area. Everywhere else can just be rinsed. Look to creams containing ceramides and apply liberally post shower. They’ll help to trap moisture in the skin and boost its barrier.

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