Want To Know What’s Better Than Being On The Guest List?

Want To Know What’s Better Than Being On The Guest List?

Have you ever wondered how somewhat unknown people seem to bag themselves a seat at the VIP table time and time again? You’re not alone. Today I’m going to tell you exactly how both you and your friends can not only get on the guest list of the hottest places in town, but also join the VIP table.

It all starts with downloading Clubbable; Clubbable is an app that eliminates the manual process of getting people on guest lists and sorting out quotes for VIP tables to exclusive clubs. Clubbable gives guests the opportunity to create their own perfect night out in a respectable and stress-free environment,. All of this can be managed with a few clicks on your smartphone without ‘having to know someone’. Or leaving the ‘control’ for your night out in someone else’s hands. The Clubbable app was released in London September 2016. And has since become the only app people use for VIP nightlife and clubbing.

Personally, I love the way you can see all VIP table groups in your city in the app, look at their photos and request to join them. What’s not to like? Joining the VIP group gives you the advantage of being able to arrive late. Skip the queue, enter a already happening club and drink premium drinks like Champagne with a bunch of beautiful people!

It’s true that in a world that strains to be politically correct, it’s fair to say that the nightclub door policy may be the most arbitrarily enforced and cheerfully accepted form of discrimination left in modern times. If they don’t like you, you aren’t getting in. Unless you’re on a list of some kind already and even then it’s at the discretion of the management. The door lady always has final say, no one can override that.

But what’s so great about VIP service? Well, it’ll get you in the door! That’s right, booking VIP service with an adequately sized group, is a nice little loophole that separates you from the normal people. VIP booking also means you get magical line-jumping powers! Oh, there’s a three hour line to hear some new DJ? Not if you booked a VIP table, there isn’t. Guest list in London pretty much always comes with lots of free drinks, at least until around 1-2am. After all, the name of the VIP game is exclusive service, and some places really go all out. Many clubs also give discounted or free cloak room fees, private access to the DJs, and other benefits to their VIPs.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Clubbable app now. It’s available on both iPhone & Android. If you’re a promoter or club manager you should definitely apply for promoter access in the app. You’ll then be able to see all of the groups who want to go out. And offer the ones you like prices, VIP table and guest list.

We’ll see you at the VIP table!

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