Hatchimals: Where to Buy This Season’s Hottest Toy

If you’re a parent, you know the drill.  Every year there’s a toy that pops up just in time for Christmas and suddenly your child has to have it.   It causes a frenzy that’s not planned at all by the toy companies.  You vow not to get caught up in it all, but as your children write their Christmas lists and their eyes glaze over as they talk about the must have toy, you give in.

Hatchimals arrive in the egg stage. This, in and of itself is half the fun.  While you can narrow down what type of Hatchimal you purchase, the color remains a mystery until it hatches.  You can choose between a Draggle, Penguala, Owlicorn, Burtle, or Bearakeet. In order for your mystery creature to hatch, you will need to show it some love.  Sing to it, talk to it and play with it. Your touch will encourage the little fellow to peck its way to freedom.  Once you see its rainbow eyes, you’ll know it’s go-time!

Now, it’s time to parent the Hatchimal through its 3 stages –  baby, toddler and kid.  You’ll know your Hatchimal has entered the next stage of life, because it sings Hatchy Birthday. But don’t worry, the fun hasn’t ended after it’s hatched.  They can be taught to walk, play games and dance to the music.









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