Some Of Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

Some Of Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

Some Of Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

With Christmas fast approaching, here are some of our favourite Christmas traditions.

Go on a winter picnic with all the family

Gather the family, wrap up warm and head out on a winter walk with a picnic at the end. Take a huge flask of hot chocolate as a treat.

Winter scenes with soapflakes

This is such a lovely idea, one of those Christmas traditions little ones will really go for.

Get a large mirror and put soapflakes around the edge to look like snow.

Then place little Christmas figurines on the mirror to make a miniature snowy Christmas scene. Or, make mini snowscenes in glass jars.

Hang paper snowflakes and make a treasure trail

Hang up paper snowflakes in the trees and bushes in your garden and make up a treasure hunt, with a little prize at the end.

Make a Santa album

Buy a special photo album that you keep with your decorations, and if you visit Santa in his grotto, put the photo in it. Snap photos of the kids’ letters to Santa and other magic moments, too.

Make Christmas Eve Boxes

Make the night before Christmas just as special as the big day itself with the gorgeous tradition of Christmas Eve boxes.

Have an annual Christmas outing

Whether it’s to the Christmas markets, a trip ice skating, a visit to see Santa in his grotto or simply to the local garden centre to see all the sparkling displays, make the most of the festive delights on offer at this time of year.

Give three toys to charity

It’s likely your children might be getting a few new toys at Christmas, so why not think about asking them to give early presents or ones they’ve grown out of since last Christmas, to a children’s charity?

The 12 books of Christmas

For this one, take some books – you could choose 24 and start at the beginning of December or the 12th for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

They don’t need to be new books – use books you already have or library books – and wrap them individually. Each night ask your child to choose and open a book and read it together on a cosy blanket by the Christmas tree with the lights twinkling.

Family secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great tradition as well as a money-saver. A group of you can put names into a hat, then pick one out without looking to buy for.

Buy a new Christmas decoration every year

Build on Christmas every year by buying one small new Christmas decoration.

It could be one for the tree, a soft Santa, elf or reindeer or maybe you could get a new Nativity scene character each year.

What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions?

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