Amazing Outdoor Fun Activities To Do With Your Partner

Amazing Outdoor Fun Activities To Do With Your Partner

Spending weekends with your partner indoors is fun. It allows you to bond and strengthens your relationship. Perhaps it’s time you mix it up with some amazing fun outdoors to spice it up a little. There are plenty of things to do outdoors that will make your shared bond stronger.

Outdoor activities are good for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Be creative always. Vary your outdoor activities to make them more entertaining and relaxing. Public places such as parks are ideal places for recreation. However, try to avoid crowds because of the pandemic. Long drives are tiring, so pick a place closer to home.

Visit parks

Parks are favorite for couples and the scenery and greenery is relaxing. Go to a good park with facilities such as benches or a comfortable landscape where you can sit with your partner and have a great time. It should be near a decent cafe if you didn’t pack lunch for two.

The greater Manchester has amazing parks such as Moss Bank Park in Boston that has a great landscape and trails for long walks. Play tennis on the court or enjoy bowling in the bowling area. Alexandra Park in Whalley Range has similar facilities and play areas. Plus, it has a tennis court, and a multi-use games area, you can even play ping pong.

Wythenshawe Park has picnic tables for open-air meals and you get free outdoor table tennis. The park has swings for romantic fun and parking is free.

Go for a nature walk

The woods of Alderley Edge offer a good escape from the Manchester urban life. Take a break from the hectic life and breathe some fresh country air. A leisurely stroll in the woodland with your partner, while listening to birds chirping is a worthy escape.

Nature walk offers a peaceful environment for hanging out with your partner and creates harmony.

Chorlton Ees offers an experience that makes you forget you are close to the city.  Simply follow those meandering paths lined with trees to Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve and discover picnic spots, a lake, and river banks. It’s close to the city center. It’s a nice place to take a stroll with your partner in Manchester City.

Get creative when choosing the path to take. Use a coin flip at every intersection to make the experience more fun. Once you have had your fill, settle down for a meal, and try your luck in Irish Lotto from UK, you never know, the presence of your partner can be your lucky charm. You’ll only know if you try it, right?

Exercise with your partner

When the stay-at-home order came at the beginning of the pandemic, how did you cope? Those routine walks to keep your fitness in check are necessary. Go for the same with your partner and have a fabulous time going for runs together.

Create that daily routine, whether it’s riding the bike or going for jogs. This keeps the two of you physically fit and mentally healthy. Also, having workouts together makes your relationship stronger and you learn to lean on each other.

Go hiking

Hiking teaches couples how to handle challenges. Life is never a straight line, there will be ups and downs along the way. The same happens with relationships, you have to be strong for each other. The lessons learned from the hiking expedition are crucial and strengthens your bond.

The hiking trails provide challenges and spectacular views of the landscape. You can get to the top and enjoy the scenic beauty even as you sit down to have a good meal.

Go camping

Go camping with your partners. Spend time together in the wild sleeping in tents, lying in the open skies watching sunsets and sunrise. Watch the stars during the night and have a memorable time away from your busy work life. Ensure you pack enough supplies for your camping expedition. You bond better when you get to spend time together exploring nature, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Visit the Botanical garden

Visit Fletcher Moss located south of Manchester and explore the jungle with plenty of interesting flowers, shrubs, and trees. Wander in the Stenner Woods with your cherished better half close to River Mersey and enjoy the beauty of nature. Find a nice spot and lie down together to watch the sunset, birds, and even have a picnic. Create lasting memories and sum it up with a delicious meal.


It’s the memories we make that lasts forever. Cherish the time you spend with your wife or partner because life is fleeting. Take advantage of the many amazing outdoor fun locations in and around Manchester to create lasting memories and enjoy true happiness. Let this be your fondest memory when the pandemic is over.

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