8 Reasons To Stay Near Hyde Park, London

8 Reasons To Stay Near Hyde Park, London

Thousands of visitors across the world visit London each year to witness its beautiful places. Hyde Park is one of the most attractive places in London, and the best part is that it is open to the public. It is known as the largest park in central London, and due to this reason, many travellers want to access the park.

The good news is that there are so many hotels and serviced apartments near Hyde Park. Grand Plaza serviced apartments here will help you find the best accommodation near the place. Keep reading to understand why you should consider staying near Hyde Park.

8 Reasons to Choose Accommodation Near Hyde Park


Budget-friendly Accommodation

As much as there are expensive hotels and serviced apartments around Hyde Park, London, many are affordable and offer a comfortable stay. You can always compare prices to determine which is the best and will cater or provide you with things you will need during your stay.

Learning Opportunities

There are many things about Hyde Park that are not known to many, and while you are there, you can use your time to discover everything about the park. Some of the things you will learn include; the past of English monarchs, Henry VIII hunting ground, pet cemetery, Kensington palace, among many other things.


Many accommodations around Hyde Park have been strategically positioned, which means that you can easily access shopping areas, airports, rail stations, and tourist sites. There are also many restaurants near Hyde Park, and you can always eat in whichever you find suitable.

Leisure Activities

If you love exploring beautiful sites, you will enjoy your time when you stay near Hyde Park. This is because you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy various leisure activities, such as horse riding, boating, cycling, and many other things.

Lower Costs

This is yet another thing that most visitors usually overlook. Even though accommodations near Hyde Park might be quite expensive, you will save on transport costs and time. This is because the place is located near major stations and sites. Therefore, it will be easier to get there, and you will save your money as you won’t need to spend a lot of money.

Better Amenities and Services

Hyde Park is a common attraction site in London, and because of this, many accommodation places near the park offer quality services to their guests. Many hotels and serviced apartments contain laundry service, Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms, etc.

Availability of All Kinds of Accommodations

Whether you are looking for a serviced apartment or hotel, you will find them near Hyde Park. Some rooms can accommodate families, solos travellers, and business persons. All you have to do is consult or ask for professional advice, and you will be assisted.


If you are looking for a secure location to stay while on your trip, choose apartments near Hyde Park. The place is well-guarded, and you can even walk at night without worrying about anything. Apart from that, most rooms around the area are well maintained and use advanced equipment.

Picking accommodation near Hyde Park is a great decision as you will get to explore various places in Hyde Park. You will also get to save on transport costs, and you can easily get to your favourite destinations in London.

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