Six Factors Women Should Consider When Starting a New Relationship

Six Factors Women Should Consider When Starting a New Relationship

Everyone deserves to find love. Embarking on a new relationship is incredibly stressful; there are, after all, a lot of variables to consider. A healthy relationship is attainable, although it might not always feel like that. There are a few things to consider when measuring a new relationship’s viability. Let’s explore.

Do You Know Yourself?

If you aren’t secure with who you are, you will likely enter into relationships with unrealistic expectations. If you don’t know yourself, how can you expect someone else to understand you and how to make you happy? It would be best if you did the work to get to know yourself independently of other people before entering into a relationship. Hoping someone else will intuitively perceive who you are and what you need is a fallacy. Instead, take some time to self-reflect and decide if you are ready to enter into a partnership.

Assess Their Character

When you are attracted to someone, it is straightforward to find yourself rationalising their bad behaviour. Before you commit to a relationship, you need to assess their character. If they routinely treat you disrespectfully or let you down, then take this as a sign about who they are. If they talk down to you or dismiss your feelings, you should view them as a red flag and disentangle yourself. Educating them and trying to turn them into better people is not your job.

Think About Your Deal-breakers

Everyone has them; however, they don’t always have to be deal-breakers. For example, if table manners are a big thing for you, inform the other person instead of breaking off the relationship. If they try to do better, this is a good indicator of how they will behave throughout the relationship; if they are unwilling to change, then again, this is a good indicator of what your connection will be like. If your deal-breakers are more superficial, there are ways around them too.

Is There Enough Communication?

Communication is vital, it might sound cliché, but it is true. Good communication is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and viable relationship. When embarking on a new relationship, it is essential that you feel comfortable talking about what you want and expect from your partner. This can lead to a few uncomfortable conversations, but if you want the relationship to last, your partner should be receptive to listening. Being on the same page goes a long way to ensuring your relationship is flourishing. Think about the level of communication that you are receiving too. If they expect constant contact, it is unrealistic and could be an indicator of controlling tendencies; on the other hand, if you are frequently ignored, this could indicate that they aren’t as interested in you as you are in them.

Do You Feel Respected?

Does your partner make you feel respected? Do they make you feel like they value your opinion, or are they dismissive of your beliefs? For a relationship to last, you should feel respected by your partner. This goes both ways; do you respect your partner? Do you both man an effort to listen and understand each other’s perspectives? Neither of you should be trying to persuade the other to change their mind about things that they hold necessary. A healthy relationship is built upon mutual respect. It is normal not to see eye-to-eye with your partner occasionally, but you should respect each other enough to talk through these differences.

Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

Everyone has boundaries that make them feel safe and comfortable. To build a healthy relationship, you should feel comfortable communicating these boundaries to your partner and be secure in knowing they will be respected. You should never feel nervous or scared to set boundaries in a relationship. If your partner does not respect your boundaries or if they use them to try and control you, then it is time to rethink taking the relationship any further.

In The End

You should never feel like you have to compromise yourself for anyone. Getting into a healthy relationship is about finding someone who compliments your personality and enhances your life, not stifles it. Use the above criteria to take stock of your budding relationship; if any of them give you pause, then you should reassess your relationship.

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