You’re Doing Everything Right, So Why is it All Going Wrong?

You’re Doing Everything Right, So Why is it All Going Wrong?

We’ve all been there. You start to do the thing you know is good for you, but you’ve been putting it off for ages and then bam! Things start going wrong. A crisis happens. Your car breaks down, your house gets broken into or your dog has to be rushed to the vet and all of a sudden, you’re no longer focussed on that thing you were all hyped about earlier. You know the thing that was going to change to life? Was finally gonna kickstart your goals?

Even though I’m sure you’ve experienced this at least once in your life. You probably put it down to bad luck or just a bunch of unfortunate events right? Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a name for this coincidence that just so happens to try to make things blow up in your face the second you try to get your shit in order. It’s called the Ego. No, not that kind of ego, I’m not talking about being bigheaded. Even though arrogance and conceit are part of the Ego, they’re definitely not the whole thing.

From a metaphysical perspective, “Ego” is used to refer to the “pretend self”.

It’s the part of us that’s leading the way when we do things that set us back from our dreams and goals. Like attempting to ruin our futures by getting into debt because we’re scared to be seen for what we really are. Or getting drunk the night before something important because deep down we don’t think we deserve the accomplishment.

The Ego gets its strength from your inner false beliefs. This is all of the crap absorbed into your subconscious during your childhood that isn’t true. Alongside any choices you’ve made about yourself that bring you down. The Ego gets recognition from outside places. It’s very aware, rooted in fear and its job is to keep you exactly where you expect to be kept. It believes that you are totally separate from everything going on around you.

By contrast, your enlightened self gets its assurances from inside, not outside sources. It’s active and rooted in love. Your true self is desperately doing its job to create a reality that’s based on your vast potential. Unfortunately, the majority of people out there are so consumed with the Ego. That they’re making do with lives that are no way near close to their potential.

One of the surprising things you may experience When you start discovering your true self and turning away from your Ego is criticism from others who are still wrapped up in their own Ego.

The truth is that standing on the sidelines watching someone else really try to achieve their dreams can be especially depressing to the person who’s spent their entire life defending why they themselves can’t. So be prepared for it, I highly recommend just keeping your mouth shut around others who are going to try to bring you down.

So, when you finally get rid of your destructive belief systems that do not serve you and leave your comfort zone. It can be a shift of such ginormous magnitudes that it can feel like life and the universe itself is conspiring against you. All of a sudden it can feel like everything is going wrong. Maybe you accidentally break your phone screen. Your grandfather dies or you find out your husband’s been cheating on you. The truth is, your Ego is constructing turmoil in an endeavour to self-sabotage and keep you from changing and moving forward. By making it feel as though everything is going wrong, you’ll come running back to your old self and stop trying to change and grow. 

I know, this sounds crazy, but every truly successful person I know has been through this.

Remember you construct your own reality. You’ve had your whole life to build this one and it’s mostly based on ideas that limit your potential. When you finally decide to upend this belief system, you’re basically destroying your Ego. 

When you make the decision to realise your dreams and open that restaurant you’ve always talked about. Don’t be surprised if your freezers fail the night before you open. Whatever you do, do not take this as some kind of message that you shouldn’t have opened your restaurant. Instead, see it as a sign that you’re moving in the right direction and outgrowing your Ego.

It ain’t for the weak, that’s true. But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it right? 

What do you think? Have you ever felt like everything was going wrong even though you were doing everything right? Let me know in the comments below!

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