What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Ring?

What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Ring?

You might dream of owning or proposing with an engagement ring that’s just like the celebrities’. But, unfortunately, the price tag isn’t within many of our budgets. There are many types of different engagement rings out there, all priced differently. If you are looking for a ring that offers something a little different, a unique ring that will hold the test of time, many brides opt for an antique engagement ring. These rings are typically less expensive, often have superior craftsmanship and add a unique charm and story to your engagement.

A truly great marriage proposal can be tough to think of.

You want to be original, but you don’t want to overdo it. You want your partner to say yes, and you’ll also want to make sure your proposal is unique to your relationship. Keep in mind: Every proposal will be fantastic if you put all the unique details of your relationship into it. If you’re planning on popping the question, there’s one thing you need to know. Having told people you’re now engaged, the first thing everyone will ask your soon-to-be fiancé is, “How did he propose?”. Whilst most men won’t even make eye contact while mumbling “Congrats”, women will sit around for hours discussing the where/how/what did he say and every other aspect of your performance in minute detail.

If you’ve been shopping for a ring, you’ve probably noticed that there is a wide variety of types out there.

It can get overwhelming if you’re in the process of choosing one. Often, the appearance and cost of the ring are the two primary considerations, and these vary across the board. Most people opt for a princess shaped diamond. But what is this? This cut is where the face-up profile of the diamond is square, and the side view is similar to an inverted pyramid. Cushion cut diamonds are a mix of round and square outlines and are considered more of an antique style. There is also a marquise cut which is quite a dramatic shape. Like an elongated oval so it can appear more significant than it is.

It’s always worthwhile shopping around for rings as cost doesn’t always equal quality.

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds by shopping online. And spending time looking at what is on the market or going to an independent expert can offer guidance and advice to help you pick the right ring for your budget. Did you know that pure gold is too soft to be sold? Therefore, it is mixed with other metals, which can change its appearance. Yellow gold, for example, is pure gold combined with a small amount of silver and copper — giving off a warm appearance. White gold, on the other hand, is brilliant. It is pure gold combined with palladium and silver or with nickel, copper and zinc. It is a perfect backdrop for diamonds and complements them beautifully.

One highly durable metal is platinum. In fact, it was removed from the jewellery market around the time of the war as the resources were used for military use instead. It’s more expensive than gold as it is around 30 times rarer. Since it’s a strong metal, it is also the purest — often sold at 95% purity. Solitaire rings are very popular. It is a traditional style. Where a single diamond sits on a metal band and fits nicely with a wedding ring. Tension-set engagement rings are similar as they often only have one diamond on the band. In these settings, the diamond is held in place by the pressure of the metal, and it is designed to ‘squeeze’ the stone.

How much do most people spend on an engagement ring?

For a long time, the rule was that engagement rings are to cost at least three months salary. But now, it seems that we’re ignoring this altogether. Signs appear to suggest that the trend will continue on a downward trajectory. According to research, the average spend on an engagement ring is close to £1,000. Also, 18% of people spend less than £500 on an engagement ring for their other half. Research by insurance company Protect Your Bubble showed that couples are spending 19% less on engagement rings than they did 5-10 years ago. When it comes to spending, don’t feel like you have to pay a huge amount to get a beautiful engagement ring.

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