Weight Loss Hit a Standstill? 5 Ways To Get Back on Track

Weight Loss Hit a Standstill? 5 Ways To Get Back on Track

We’ve all been there – steadily losing weight for a while, working hard, sticking to a plan, and it’s working well. We’re losing weight, our bodies are becoming more toned, we feel great and our confidence is soaring. And then one day, it all stops. We’re still eating the same, but our weight loss stops. In some cases, we even start gaining weight, while still dieting and working hard.

While this has happened to everyone that has ever tried to lose weight, it’s still awful. It’s easy to feel down, and like you’ve been wasting time. It’s easier still to give up. If you are going to gain weight dieting, what is the point?

Well, the good news is, this standstill doesn’t have to be forever. The bad news is, to get through it, you might have to make some changes. Here are five things that you can try to get your weight loss back on track.


Most of us have a natural weight. A place where we are comfortable and healthy, and in a great place to build some fitness. Unfortunately, this healthy weight isn’t always the weight that we’d want it to be. We’re not always at our natural weight when we’re happiest with what we see in the mirror.

If your weight loss has stopped, the first thing that you need to do is reassess. Ask yourself if you still need to lose weight. Are you healthy? Is your fitness improving? Do you only want to lose more to meet unhealthy goals? Sometimes a standstill is our body’s way of telling us it is where it needs to be.

Try a Kick-Start

Our bodies get used to things; diets included. The more weight you lose, the fewer calories your body needs. If you are already sticking to a calorie deficit, this can be hard to balance. Instead of worrying about calorie counting, try a kick-start with meal replacement shakes from Shake That Weight. Shake That Weight shakes are available in a range of flavours and can help you to get back on track, without becoming bored of a bland diet.

Eat More of the Right Things

If you are sticking to a calorie deficit and are gaining weight, it might be more about what you are eating, than how many calories are in it. Two small, unsatisfying cookies have as many calories in them as a large, filling and nutritious fruit salad. Try to eat more protein, and to make better food choices, instead of obsessing over calories.

Kick Up Your Training

A lot of people go into weight-loss focused purely on their diet. The reality is that to keep things going, you might need to exercise more. Come up with consistent training plans and lifestyle changes to complement your diet.

Manage Stress

We eat more and exercise less when we’re stressed. We also sleep less, which can affect our weight. Stress is a barrier to reaching a healthy weight. Creative hobbies, exercises like yoga, and spending time talking to people that you love, could all help get your weight loss back on track.

At some point, your goals will change. You’ll no longer be looking to lose, but rather to maintain your weight, which can actually be more difficult. When you reach this point, focus on easy to manage, long-term lifestyle changes, like walking more and establishing good eating habits for the best results.

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