Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Diet

Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Diet

Don’t Get Sucked In By Expensive Supplements and Superfood Powders

They’re not worth it for a short-term kick and only really work if you’re truly deficient and need to build up your stores. If in doubt, visit a Doctor.

Step Away From The Juice Cleanse

They’re not a quick fix and don’t work for everyone. Listening to what your body needs rather than telling your body to drink juice is far more effective. It’s harder to stay on track when you purposefully restrict yourself.

Load Up Your Pantry With Real Food

Real food is food in its most natural form that’s as fresh as possible, seasonal and preferably organic. Try to avoid eating anything pre-prepared, especially foods claiming to be low-fat, fat-free or diet. Instead, stock up your fridge and cupboards with fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds and wholegrains.

Forget Stimulants

When you’re feeling sluggish or looking to get back on track, try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Instead, aim to drink at least three litres of water per day and fill your plate with plenty of vegetables. You’ll notice the difference in your energy levels almost immediately.

Vegan Isn’t For Everybody

If you’re planning on going vegan, or just cutting back, it’s worth researching how to get adequate nutrition from plant-based sources. For example, vitamin B12, omega fatty acids, iron and calcium are four essential micronutrients commonly found in food of animal origin.

Always Listen To Your Own Body

Make an effort to listen to your body and how it feels after eating certain foods. Learn to understand what your body needs – and don’t be afraid of healthy fats and carbs.

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