The Perfect Online Tool For Home Decor Ideas

The Perfect Online Tool For Home Decor Ideas

The Perfect Online Tool For Home Decor Ideas

Whether you’re looking for interior ideas and inspiration, or are searching for finishing touches, Pinterest is perfect for any interiors project.

Why use Pinterest?

Every home decor project I have ever done has started with a mood board. When I’m transforming my own home no furniture goes in that hasn’t first been visualised on a conceptual board of colour, style and texture. I used to create my mood boards by ripping out pictures I liked from magazines and pasting them on to a board alongside swatches of different fabrics. Now, I streamline the process hugely by using the online service Pinterest: a super smart and speedy visual discovery tool that helps me put my boards together digitally.

As simple as it sounds, Pinterest is relaxing. Designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use, it gives users a way to unwind with pretty pictures that they can curate as they like. Many of the people on Pinterest are just enjoying downtime between work projects or unwinding at night before bed.

How to use it

-It’s easy to use: simply join for free at, by submitting your name and email address.

-You’ll then be given some suggestions of ‘boards’ to follow.

-After this, simply select ‘Create a Board’ from the ‘Your Boards’ menu, and start pinning!

-You will need to name your board, add a description and categorise it, with options ranging from the mainstream to the more obscure.

-Pictures can be pinned straight from the web and each image can then be captioned accordingly. For example, ‘I love this for the nursery’.

It’s also a nice way to network, allowing you to follow your favourite brands’ inspiration boards. Just ‘like’ and comment on other people’s images and you’ll draw people over to your own boards.

Because Pinterest is filled with users’ favorite bookmarked ideas and products, it’s an ideal source of inspiration. When a person wants a recipe for chocolate cake. Why not search on Pinterest to see which versions other people find delicious? When a person wants infographics about social media, a quick search on Pinterest turns up dozens of good options. Likewise, simply scrolling through your feed reveals all the latest pins from your contacts. That’s why Pinterest is an easy inspiration source for a wide range of topics.

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