How To Use Salt In Your Beauty Regime

How To Use Salt In Your Beauty Regime


As a natural exfoliator, salt can help clean pores and reduce oiliness. Just be sure to avoid your eyes or any cuts. If plain salt is too harsh for your skin, combine it with olive oil or coconut oil to make a paste.

Chapped Lips

For most of us, the cooler weather in winter months translates to dry, chapped lips. We recommend you use salt by mixing two tablespoons of Epsom salts with one tablespoon of Vaseline. Gently massage the mixture into your lips to remove dead skin before removing with a damp washcloth. And then apply your favorite deep moisturizing lip balm.

Beach Waves

We might be well into winter, but that doesn’t mean beachy waves are any less appealing. In a spray bottle, combine 1tsp salt with 570ml regular water. Once the salt dissolves, spray over damp hair and watch it dry into perfectly tousled waves.

Brighten Nails

If you often forget to use a base coat, you may suffer from yellowing nails. Mix together 1tsp each salt, baking soda, and lemon juice to buff away any stains. It will help make your cuticles softer, too.

Release Toxins

Dry salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, uses pure sodium chloride that is ground up by a halogenerator and dispersed into the air of a tightly sealed room, bed, booth, or cabin. The salt particles are then absorbed by the user’s skin to release toxin buildup from surface layers and replenish deep layers with needed moisture. Skin cell rejuvenation is accelerated and pore-clogging bacteria is eliminated. You can also reap the benefits of salt’s replenishing powers at home, too. Throwing a cup of salt into a warm bath and soak for a half hour, the salt helps you to detoxify and debloat.


Wherever you need a quick scrub down, use salt to do the trick. While in the shower, simply rub crushed sea salt all over to remove dead skin and improve circulation. This will even work on your scalp to help remove dandruff, too.

Freshen Breath

Bad breath is caused by a number of factors, but fortunately salt can help. Add 1/8tsp salt and 1/4tsp baking soda to 1 cup water to help combat a stinky mouth in a pinch. The solution disinfects and kills bacteria that may be contributing to any yucky smells.

Whiten Teeth

Add 1 part salt to 2 parts baking soda and brush on to your teeth with a clean toothbrush. Add water as needed. The paste can remove plaque and brighten teeth in between whitening treatments.

Eye De-puffer

Mix salt and hot water, apply to cotton pads, and gently apply the soaked pads to the eye area to instantly smooth and reduce the puffiness of your undereyes.

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