How to Tell If Someone Likes You More Than Just a Friend?

How to Tell If Someone Likes You More Than Just a Friend?

How to tell if someone likes you more than just a friend? We’ve all been there. Mixed signals, confusing body language, misinterpreted texts. They all lead to the question, do they like like me? Sometimes the strongest of relationships can blossom out of the most casual and innocent friendships.

Here are the telltale signs that someone might have a crush on you. Whether or not you have a crush on them is up to you.

They tell you that they want something more

This is the most obvious because they’re literally saying that they want to be more than friends.

This can be a risky situation though, because you might either want the same or not want the same. Or maybe you’ve never thought about it before and are totally taken aback.

Thankfully this is probably one of the last signs that will happen, as long as you pay attention.


They hint at you to make a move

Sometimes people are too shy to come out and say their true feelings, especially if they’re afraid of losing a friend. The person may try to get you to make the first move, making remarks like “It’s almost like we’re dating” or “Wow, I’m cold. I wish I had a jacket”.


They don’t refer to you as a friend

When introducing you to someone they won’t call you just their friend. They’ll either only call you by name or a close friend.

Also the way they speak about you has a lot to say, you can normally hear the affection in their voices. When they talk about you to another person listen for that.


They casually touch you

When people who care about one another are in close proximity, like magnets they get this urge to have physical contact with one another.

A friend who likes another friend will definitely look for opportunities to have any contact with them. They’ll sit real close and casually put their arm around you or hug you any opportunity they can get. They might touch your arm as they laugh at a joke you made, anything like that.

Physical touching might not necessarily indicate romantic intentions. But consistent and unnecessary touching could hint at a deeper desire.

They make excuses to be alone with you

If you have a crush on someone, it’s very frustrating to not have time alone with them.

So if a friend keeps asking you to hang out just the two of you, that’s a good indicator. Maybe they’ll text you to go see a movie using the excuse that everyone else they asked is busy. When you’re in groups they’ll also try to cling to you as much as possible.


Their eye contact with you is unusual

Like they say eyes are the windows into the soul. If you find your friend constantly looking at you it’s probably because you have a special place in their soul.

Incredible amounts of emotion can be communicated through the eyes alone and sometimes a look shows more of someone’s feelings for another than words alone. If you catch a friend staring at you often it might hint at their attraction for you.


They ask you out

They might not use the word date, but if they’re like “I happen to have an extra ticket to this concert and I know you love the band. Want to come?” it might not be a coincidence.

Even if it’s just an impromptu call for a coffee run, it could be romantic. Take notice when you’re out with them, or even in with them watching Netflix and see if it’s a date or not.


They ask you about your past relationships

This could also just be a friendly question, but it’s an indicator that they want to know more about you.

“Have you had many significant others before?” “How did your last relationship end?” “How long were your previous relationships?”

This enables the friend to envision what kind of person you’d be like in a relationship.

They ask about your future plans

Ding ding ding this is a winner. If they’re asking you about the future, they’re trying to see if it’s possible for them to imagine a future with you.

If you’re planning on moving across country for university and they are staying put, this might make them stop having hopes for a future. But if you both have semi consistent futures, with no plans of moving or traveling for work or whatever, then it’s good to pursue that relationship.


They get defensive when someone else tries to make a move

Jealousy is definitely one of the most undeniable signs of a deep desire for someone.

If they get annoyed that you went on a date with someone else, it’s probably because they wish they were there instead.They’re jealous because it is as though they’ve failed their own hopes and dreams of being the one you are romantically involved with and they want to be in that position.

Unless someone really cares deeply for a person, seeing a friend with someone else should not cause jealous feelings.


They remember important dates

They never have to ask when your birthday is or if you have an important event coming up. Your friend will remember these dates because they’re important to you, and they want to use them as a talking point to prove to you how much they care.


Their body language screams it

Along with eye contact, body language is a huge indicator of love interest.

For example, women will toss their hair or play with it and smile more than usual. Whilst men try to take up as much space as possible, in order to draw attention to themselves.


They flirt with you

Even if the person is less outgoing and doesn’t know how to flirt, they will definitely act a little strange around you.

Maybe you find them fixing their hair a lot when you’re around, or twitching because they’re trying to be as attractive as possible in your presence.

More outgoing individuals tend to be more obviously flirtatious, but the introverts among us have subtle ways of showing interest. If they ask you lots of questions and keep the conversation going between you two although they’re usually pretty quiet, this shows that they’re captivated by your words.

Flirting is a way to test the waters and see if you show any interest back so be aware and act accordingly.


They talk about you a lot to their friends

If a friend cannot shut up about you to their friends or even their family, it means you hold a special place in their heart.

“Did you hear what so-and-so did yesterday?” “So-and-so got a new kitten the other day!” “I was in class and so-and-so made this hilarious joke”. Any of these are good excuses for bringing up a crush to their friends.

Their friends will definitely take notice and might even say to you if the situation arises: “Did you know so-and-so is always going on and on and on about you?”

A friend who talks about you constantly, shows signs of affections that go beyond the typical friendship.


They improve their physical appearance around you

Maybe they’re a sloucher and tend to sit up straighter when you’re in the room. Maybe they put on more makeup than usual, if they know you’re going to be around. Men may nervously smooth their shirts or fix their hair when in the presence of someone they’re attracted to. It’s a subtle way to impress a friend you may have feelings for.


They hint or let you know that they are definitely single

Constantly talking about how you’re single is a sign that you wish you weren’t, and that the other person should fill the void. There is no real reason to reveal this information unless a relationship is desired.

Sometimes it’s casually mentioned, but if it’s brought up over and over, they’re trying to put the idea into your head.


They stalk you (but not in a creepy way)

We’ve all been there, staying up till the early hours of dawn going through all your crushes Facebook photos and learning about their friends, family and what they do for fun.

If a friend accidentally likes a photo of yours from 2012, you know what they were doing back there and they definitely have feelings for you!

They don’t block your advances

If you’re being affectionate towards them because you like them as well, they will gladly accept it and embrace it.

When you lean into them,  they’ll gladly put their arm around you rather than scoot away. If you reach for their hand, they’ll take it without a second thought.

When a friend allows another to make advances on them, it’s a sign that they have considered and are ready and willing for a relationship to progress to something more.


They make the move

When a friend is tired of waiting, or is unsure you maybe feel the same back, they might throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

Whether emotionally, physically, socially and whether or not you accept it or support it is up to you, but if they actually make a move on you it’s obvious that they’re interested!


They may act more masculine or girly around you

Sometimes girls will giggle a lot around boys they like, batting their eyelashes and talking with a higher pitched tone.

Guys tend to act stronger and manlier by not being afraid of anything, talking with a lower tone or using their strength whenever the opportunity arises.

This is from prehistoric times when these qualities were what attracted the other sex. This may come out in some individuals but definitely isn’t always the case these days.


They tell you their secrets

When a friend views you as someone they truly care for, they’ll tell you their deepest issues and start to rely on you to cheer them up. If they have a crush on you the only thing that might make them feel better is to have your momentary support.

By communicating various troubles and embracing one another’s pain, this is a sign that your relationship is forming a deeper bond.


They expect a lot from you

If you don’t respond to their texts they might get low-key offended, or if you haven’t hung out with them in a while it’ll get them down. Because they like you, they want your attention as much as humanly possible. If you show up late or forget a promise you made them, they’ll be very letdown.

You mean more to them than anyone else, any mistake you make is seen as an attempt to show them that you do not care for them as much as they do. Try and treat the relationship with just as much love and care as they do.

They try to make you jealous

One of the classic ways to get with a friend is to try and make them jealous. Maybe they’ll talk to you about how they find so-and-so attractive. Or talk about how they went on a date, mainly to gauge your reaction and see if you’re bothered by this.

If you’re happy for them, it’ll show that you aren’t jealous and didn’t consider a relationship. This tactic is somewhat manipulative and confusing with the mixed signals, but it’s usually easy to tell if the other person is trying to make you jealous or not.

If they’re at a party with someone else, but are constantly looking at you, you know where their heart really is.


In conclusion, it’s hard to figure out when someone likes you more than a friend. Sometimes you’ll end up totally oblivious, and then surprised when a friend tells you they do like you!

Hopefully this list will help you determine whether or not someone likes you more than a friend. But either way it’s all about how you react, that will be what makes or breaks your future with this individual.

What’s your story? Were you ever surprised when somebody liked you? Comment below!

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