How to Prepare for Christmas Early – Week Eight

To-Do Jobs Around the Home

  • Clean and organise the public space in your home. This Christmas time, your household’s living room or public space will be very much on display. Remove all clutter from the living room, then deep-clean the room. Move furniture pieces and vacuum beneath them, polish fine woods and silver, and clean curtains.
  • Embrace minimalist living room decor. Clear tabletops, shelves and corners for the Christmas decorations to come.

Christmas Prep Checklist

  • Buy Christmas stamps. Christmas stamp designs will be available soon, so buy stamps early for best selection.
  • Begin saving packaging materials. As online orders arrive, begin to stockpile boxes and bubble wrap for re-use in December. Store them close to your other gift wrap to speed up Christmas wrapping.
  • Prepare to send Christmas cards. Christmas cards should be nearly finished and ready for mailing.
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