How to Get What You Want: The Grateful Game

How to Get What You Want: The Grateful Game

This is a fantastic technique to put you in good mood and raise your frequency. It can also be used to improve your relationship with someone or something too. It’s a reliable way to keep your emotions on track, especially if you’ve worked hard to maintain a feeling of positivity and want to keep it.

Remember, feeling good is everything.

It’s quite possibly the most important thing. This is because, as we’ve written before, like attracts like. Feeling good brings more good, feeling bad brings you more bad. Have you ever noticed how when a day starts badly it usually continues to go badly?

You can play this game virtually anywhere.

When you’re walking the dog, driving to work, making dinner or even swimming in the ocean! It’s a productive use of your time, that’s extremely beneficial to you.

It’s a game that’s played by directing thoughts of happiness in your mind. If you are able to write your thoughts down somewhere whilst you do this, then that tends to increase the power of this game. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry, you’re also able to get wonderful results from this by just holding your thoughts in your mind.

Start by looking around you and noticing something that delights you or gives you satisfaction. Now, hold your focus on this object as you think about how amazing, functional or attractive it is. As you direct your attention to this object and hold it in your mind your positive feelings towards it will multiply.

Now, notice your elevated feelings and feel grateful for the way you feel. Once your happy feelings have increased since where they were when you started, look around where you are and choose another object for your grateful game.

Your task should be to choose items that easily make you feel grateful for them. This is not the time to focus on an item that gives you negative thoughts and try to fix it. This is all about raising your frequency.

The more time you spend thinking about things that make you feel good. The easier it is for you to keep your vibes high, so that you’re attracting the good stuff!

One of the best parts about the grateful game is that the more you play it, the more practice you get at operating at an elevated frequency and staying that way. The universe will bring into your life other people, events and objects that match your high frequency because you’re living your life with very little resistance and your connection with universal energy will grow stronger.

Another benefit of regularly playing this game, is that you will become used to how it feels when your positive feelings lead the way to higher frequencies. This way, as soon as your vibes start to drop because you’re perhaps around the wrong people, or thinking sad thoughts, you’ll feel your good feelings drop straight away and have early warning signs to change what you are talking about or doing to get back onto a higher path.

The more you show gratitude for things, the better it makes you feel!

The better you feel, the more you’ll want to do it. The more you want to do it, the better it makes you feel and the better you feel, the more you want to do it… Within a very short space of time you will get incredible results!

By continuing to play this game you will be in an open state of allowing, You will be in the vibrational state where the things that you desire can flow to you easily.

Continue to play the grateful game for as long as it feels good. If when you try to play this game you do not feel good or if the game makes you angry at all, then stop the game and maybe try one of our other suggestions here.

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