How to Get What You Want: The Design Box

How to Get What You Want: The Design Box

To begin the design box process to help you get what you want, find a nice looking box. One that makes you happy when you see it and on the top in an obvious place write the words “Whatever is in this box IS”.

Next, go online and print out anything that you’d like to be in your life. This can be objects, desires, ambitions or feelings. Anything at all, that you want to be part of your experience. If it feels appealing to you in any way, print it and put it in your design box. As you drop it in say “Whatever is in this box IS”.

Whenever you’re away from your design box continue to gather more pictures. This could be from brochures, magazines or catalogues. Then pop them in your box when you get home. If you can’t find a picture of what you’d like to experience, write a description of it and drop that into your design box.

The more things you find for your box, the more the universe will deliver to you other ideas that match them.

When you place your ideas in the design box, the more your ambition will be focused. The more your ambition is focused, the more alive you will feel. Because this energy flowing through you is what life is.

If you have no doubt that you can achieve these things the design box game will feel uplifting to you. The more you put in your box, the better you will feel and you will begin to see evidence of these things appearing in your life. Doors will begin to open to make it possible for many of these things to easily enter your life, right now. If you are usually a positive person, you will experience pretty immediate positive results from this process. You ask, the universe answers. This is how to get what you want.

Now, I want you to imagine that next to you there is a large box. You know that you are a creator and this box is your creation. It is your world. You are the creator and you have the ability to reach out anywhere in the universe and grab whatever you want to put in your box.

So, you grab a beautiful home and place it on land that makes you happy. Next you grab your dream job and maybe your partner’s dream job and put them in your box. All of the beautiful things and feelings you can experience in the world, you grab them and place them in your box.

You see you could do this whole process in your mind, but it’s so much more fun if you use a real box!

You’ll begin to quickly notice that the things you put in your box that you don’t have any feelings of resistance towards will quickly appear in your life. The things you place in your box that you do have some resistance towards, will take longer to appear. This is a powerful process, because it increases your ability to visualise. You have complete control!

I know so many people that have had immense success with this, because it really does work. I’d love to hear your results from this. What do you think about this game? Have you tried it?

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