How To Fake Thick & Expensive Looking Hair

How To Fake Thick & Expensive Looking Hair

A Good Haircut

The biggest mistake is not investing in a good haircut. If you have fine hair it can be tricky to keep it looking healthy. Lots of layers can make strands appear thinner, making it harder to achieve volume. A good hair cut will make it feel weightless rather than appearing as if you have less hair. Having a shorter cut can give the hair a thicker, fuller feel. Adding layers through the top to the sides can also add texture to shorter styles.

Go Platinum

From catwalk to red carpet, ice blonde hair has never been hotter, with bright strands long regarded as the epitome of high-maintenance, expensive hair. If you do decide to hit the bleach bottle, remember to maintain the shade between touch-ups with a purple shampoo and conditioner.

Lift at the Root

When blow-drying, make sure you’re lifting your hair at the root as you dry each section – this will give you a great foundation.

Glossy = Healthy

A professional glossing treatment in the salon is a great way to get hair gleaming, but at home we suggest switching up your regular shampoo for Kérastase’s shine boosting option followed by Shu Uemura’s cult Cream Camellia Oil.

Try A Low Pony

For a simple yet effective look, a low ponytail wins style points and then some. Tie it close to the nape of your neck for subtlety. Understated but deliberate is the name of the game. Healthy, glossy strands will give your look bonus points so use a nourishing hair mask at least once a week to tame dry ends and smooth frizz. The ribbon tie has also undergone a style remodel of late. Neatly dressing up the strands of models and A-listers alike. Finish the look by opting for a low pony, set with a mist of hairspray for some staying power.


Try balayage, where the colour gets lighter towards the end of the hair. This will help to break up the hair and make it look instantly thicker. Having a tint or one flat colour will do thin hair no favours. Ask your colourist to add a minimum of two tones into your highlights. This will create volume, texture, definition and substance. Adding colour automatically adds volume to the roots.

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