Decluttering Tips For Kids’ Rooms That Will Change Your Life

Decluttering Tips For Kids’ Rooms That Will Change Your Life

Kids’ rooms are full of the clutter than just keeps on giving. And it’s not only the clutter in their rooms – it seems to find its way into the rest of the house too. The kitchen, the hall, the bathroom, the garage, the lounge. The whole house is cluttered with your children’s things, making your life feel stressed and unmanageable. So we’ve been looking at some great ways you can easily declutter your kids’ rooms using simple methods. It’s the perfect project for the parent who likes to get crafty.

Remember that having clutter in your home can also have an impact on your children’s health. Not only does clutter collect all kinds of dirt which is unhygienic. Creepy crawlies love clutter too, and having any kind of pest control situation can make your children ill.

Here we’ve put together our best tips for decluttering your kids’ rooms, and hopefully they will keep you a little more sane.

Have A Toy Rotation Bin

The more stuff you have, the more time you will need to maintain it and keep it organised. So limiting the amount of clothes and toys your child has will make a major difference on how much time you have to spend tidying up after them.

To get your children’s rooms being a bit more minimalist, you need to start with a toy rotation. Go out and get two or three plastic bins and start to fill them in groups of toys that go together, but that your child isn’t really into at the moment.

Take the bins you’ve filled and store them somewhere – the important thing is that they are out of sight. When you bring these toys back out again, your kids will get so excited and it will be like them having new toys because they haven’t seen them in a while.

Kid Proof Your Cupboards

You can make clean-up toys time a lot easier on yourself by storing things in cupboards that are hard to undo. Keep folded clothes up on shelves that they can’t reach, so they don’t pull all of your clean washing onto the floor when they’re trying to dress themselves.

You could also add another curtain rod in your kid’s wardrobe that’s their height and pop a few outfits on there. This means there’s less mess, but your child can still pick out what outfit they want to wear.

Utilise the plastic tubs and baskets here too, and invest in drawer dividers to keep everything separate and tidy. It’s a lot easier to find things when everything isn’t jumbled up.

Use Picture Labels On Toy Bins

Young children always want to help us when we’re tidying, and it’s important to encourage them to do this. So it’s much easier for your children to match things up visually, and when there’s an image that is bright and appealing. Turn putting toys away into a game.

Take some images from the internet or even some photos of your child’s toys and stick them to the front of the containers so that they can play a game of match-up. And you end up with a tidier home.

Get A Shovel

Seriously, get a toy shovel. When the kids’ rooms have turned into total toy chaos, the quickest and easiest way to manage the mess is to scoop everything into a pile in the middle of the room, and then sort it out.

Having a plastic beach spade makes it really easy to pick up all those little pieces of puzzles, crayons and Lego that seems to litter the floor constantly. Once you’ve put everything into one pile, you can sort everything out into the proper toy bin and have your child help you put things away. Having a shovel and adding some flair makes putting toys away more fun and inviting for kids.

Utilise Your Wall Space

Our children always seem to have a lot of books and knick-knacks lying around, so why not use the empty wall space around your kid’s room and install some shelving. You can even have the books with the covers facing out, so your children can find the book they want without having to pull every single one off the shelf.

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