How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

The following 10 steps will enable you to get what you want in this life. Learn them, know them, but most of all do them! Please do not spend anytime worrying over whether you’re doing them correctly or not. Just do them. The biggest mistake I’ve seen students even with the best of intentions make is to not actually, habitually perform the steps. You don’t need any special equipment and it won’t cost you a penny, just start!


Every time you remember an event, you are actually recalling the last time you remembered it, not the original event. Every time you access a memory, it is as though you are accessing a file on your computer. You control it, you are capable of adding to it, removing parts of it and completely changing the order of it.

In your mind, amend any recent event or memory that isn’t as you’d like it to be. Change it to what you want. Do this all day, as your day unfolds. Go through and amend your entire day at the end of the day before sleep. You create your own reality, your memory is not fixed, it is whatever you want it to be.

Look Back

Use the Look Back technique to mentally shift yourself to where you want to be and get what you want. Imagine as though your desire has already been fulfilled and remember where you have come from.

“I remember when I lived in that small apartment with noisy neighbours and now I live in this huge house with a with a hot tub!”

“I remember when my car used to not start in the mornings sometimes and now I drive this awesome Mercedes”


Visualise a congratulatory scene, where someone you know is congratulating you for achieving whatever it is you desire, as though you’ve already received it. You can even imagine you are congratulating someone else.

Perhaps your sister has been trying to learn to drive, and you want her to pass her driving test. Visualise you congratulating her on passing, maybe feel yourself typing out a congratulatory message or sending some flowers. To do this, implies that your wish has already been fulfilled.

The Future

Visualise yourself in the future with your desire fulfilled. Use this daily, when you open your eyes in bed in the morning, imagine yourself at bedtime after having the amazing day you just had. You can be vivid with specific details, or just keep it general. Maybe start by just picturing yourself smiling at bedtime, implying that you had an awesome day.

Fast forward 10 years and experience what your life is like. What do you do all day? Are you married? How much money do you make? What car do you drive?

A Fly On The Wall

Now, visualise overhearing a group of people talking about you and you achieving your desire. “Can you believe she made 6 figures last year?”

Location, Location, Location

Imagine that you are in a certain location, let’s call it ‘A’. You are in ‘A’ location picturing that you are in ‘B’ location. From your ‘B’ location, think of ‘A’. By doing this you make then, now by imaging now as you’d like it to be.

Become Someone Else

Visualise yourself as someone else encountering you with your desire fulfilled. Imagine that they say “You’re so lucky” and you reply with “Thank you”. Whenever you think of how to get what you want quickly say to yourself “You’re so lucky”, “Thank you”. This signifies that your desire has been accomplished.

Success, Wealth

Repeat “Success”, “Wealth” to yourself before falling asleep. These abstract words are very powerful to your intuitive brain. The idea of success and wealth contain all of the elements of success. Repeat these words to yourself frequently with faith and conviction and you will be under a subconscious compulsion to succeed.

Visualisation State

The visualisation state feels similar to what you experience when you’re daydreaming. How many times have you unintentionally entered this state whilst daydreaming I wonder? It’s ultimately when your mind is most focused and relaxed.

Sometimes you just get lost in your thoughts and they are more vivid than the physical reality surrounding you. Or it could be when you read or listen to something very carefully, or when you repeat a mantra or an affirmation.

If you’re self-aware, you will see that you do it daily, all humans do it. We all do it every day and it’s not just before sleep. This is so common that all people use it without exception because we all manifest every second of our lives.

How Did I Achieve This?

How did I achieve this so effortlessly and easily? When you ask “How”, you use the past tense, so you’re thinking as though it already is. You are bringing about the experience, not seeking the answer and doubting yourself. It is done, it is mine and I already have it. Effortlessly and easily.

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