Review & Giveaway: Spa Technologies UK Luminous Eye Serum

Review & Giveaway: Spa Technologies Luminous Eye Serum

Firstly, this is my new favourite eye cream, it’s a rich serum designed to improve the look of your eyes. It will help decrease wrinkles and dark circles, will nourish and moisturise the skin around the eyes. Formulated with only natural ingredients it is extremely gentle for even the sensitive skins and will increase luminosity, firm skin and help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

A lovely smoothing eye cream, A little goes a very long way, One pump is sufficient for both eyes. I noticed a reduction in the dark circles under my eyes after a couple of days and my eyes look brighter and more fresh, 2 people have actually asked me what eye cream I’m using and I’ve only been using this product for a week!

The delicate structure of the skin around the eye area – which is significantly thinner than skin in other areas of the face and body – means it is prone to damage from every day stress such as pollution and UV rays. Add in a lack of sleep from partying, a young baby or general anxieties and damage can become immediately noticeable.

Panic not – in a lot of cases certain damage is reversible with a good quality eye serum.

Skincare specialist Anne Gray, director of Spa Technologies UK explains, ” It is all about the roles of the ingredients within the serum and ensuring their is a clinically active concentrate of said ingredients within a serum”

So what are the key ingredients and exactly how do they work?

Hyaluronic Acid  – Intensive Moisturizing – This ingredient is found naturally in the dermis of the skin and therefore is appealing as a skincare ingredient because of its natural ability to penetrate the skin and hold onto water allowing the skin to be immediately re-hydrated giving a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Peptides -Reduction of Dark Circles – Decongesting peptides dissolve mini clots in micro capillaries. That are responsible for the blu-ish dark circles that can appear under our eyes.

L-Ergothioneine – Reduces signs of ageing – This ingredient is from the Amino Acid family and has a dual action. Not only does it catalyze oxygen consumption. In the mitochondria of the skin cells to optimise oxygen metabolism. But it also reduces oxidative stress and defends cellular DNA. In short when applied topically it reduces signs of ageing.

Spa Technologies UK Luminous Eye Serum is designed to improve the look and condition of skin around the eyes. Formulated with only natural ingredients it is extremely gentle even for the most sensitive of skins. All active ingredients are set in an algae base. Which in itself has the ability to aid cell repair. That allows the levels of ingredients to be potent enough. To have an effect on the skin but without causing irritation.

Luminous Eye Serum retails at £35.00 for 15ml and is Vegan Society Approved, Organic and Cruelty Free.

Finally, the lovely people over at Spa Technologies UK are offering our readers the chance to win a bottle of this wonder serum for themselves. Just enter via the rafflecopter below, good luck!

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