Review: Casper – The Best Bed For Better Sleep

Review: Casper – The Best Bed For Better Sleep

We’ve recently been in the market for a new mattress for our son’s double bed, and as I’m sure you’re already aware if you’ve ever had the pleasure of mattress shopping, it’s a bit of minefield. Firstly, we set out to the traditional bricks and mortar stores to see which one he preferred. This was our first mistake. The persistence of the floor staff is really quite something, kind of like an amalgamation of a time share salesman and a popular tech store sales assistant. You know the ones? So, after several shopping trips with no result. We started looking online.

Now, there are clearly a lot of mattress in a box brands and picking one can be a bit of a lottery seemingly. We were drawn to Casper because of the awards it has won. Our son will be 11 soon, and he’s swiftly catching up with me in the height department. So, we were looking for a mattress that would be comfortable for a teenager but also built well enough to last until he’s a young adult ideally. We loved the 10 year warranty that’s provided on Casper mattresses. That, coupled with the 100 day no obligation mattress trial made it seem like a no brainer really.

Long story short, it was the right decision. It arrived well packed and promptly, was easy to unpack and more importantly it is really comfortable. You wouldn’t know it is memory foam – it doesn’t really feel like memory foam pillows for example. It offers just the right amount of support to feel soft and yielding to your body. But not so much that you feel enveloped in it or that you don’t want to move around in it. Truly brilliant engineering has created what is the best mattress we have ever found.

I know that many of our readers are parents with children in a similar age bracket, so if you’re looking at replacing singles with doubles for your children too. Then we highly recommend Casper.

All of us, both my husband and I and our son, have been raving about this mattress to our friends and work colleagues. According to my son, he has never had such a good nights sleep. Super comfortable. I was very unsure if I had made the right choice by ordering online without even seeing or trying it, however, I’m so glad I did now. Cuts out the middle man entirely and you don’t have to endure the endless sales patter either. Win win.

When we’re looking to upgrade our own king size mattress we’ll be switching over to Casper too. Once you compare there is no going back. We have a very expensive lambswool mattress in our bedroom but I have to say that I think the Casper might even top this. Plus both Teddy and Bella have now added the Casper dog bed to their Christmas wish list!

Honestly we love the whole Casper branding, customer experience, everything. Why not give them a try? You can buy your next mattress here. You can test out their mattresses for up to 100 days and if it’s not for you it’s super easy to arrange returning it for a full refund.

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