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Hey everypawdy, Teddy here. Just thought I’d add my opinion about the goodies sent to Bella and I this week. is definitely our current favourite online pet supplies store. I’ve even included a picture of me telling my big sister Bella that our treats had been delivered, she doesn’t look as excited as me but it is hard to compete with the bouncy excitable ball of fluff that is myself.

Firstly they sent over some delicious grain free dog food called Huntland Adult Scottish Loch Salmon. Bella and I have actually tried this one before and we like it a lot.

I’m very fussy, so I like my Mommy to alternate my biscuits so that I don’t get bored. Huntland will make an ideal addition to my meal plan rotation and I’ll make sure it’s added to the shopping list for future nom nom purchases.

Second in our box of treasures was Catch Natural Redfish Skin Fingers Dog Chews, now I wasn’t sure how much I’d like these.

My Mommy has bought me lots of different natural dog treats in the past and I have not been impressed. Usually, natural and healthy are really not in my vocabulary. I think the key thing with these treats, is that they may be healthy, but they don’t taste healthy if you see what I mean.

Last, but certainly not least, we opened our Dentalife Dog Treats. Considering these had the word dental in them, I was truthfully expecting them to not be very nice.

We both get given dental sticks on a regular basis and I’ve usually got to be pretty hungry before I entertain the idea of actually eating it, but I’m pleased to report that these were actually quite good. Bella really liked these ones too and Mommy is going to switch to buying these ones from now on. Bella and I love it when our pawrents shop at, especially the repeat delivery dog food. is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. I like that all of their staff are pet owners so they understand the needs of other pet parents. They’re an eco-friendly company and are committed to keeping the local area clean. They also don’t agree with the outrageously expensive prices that supermarkets and other pet retailers offer so they will always offer the lowest prices possible. Which means more nom noms all round! And just as I thought I couldn’t like them anymore I find out that they support dogs trust and sponsor local guide dogs. Two charities that are very close to both of our hearts. stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies. They offer a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl to ensure you never run out of pet food again and they deliver everything straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders over £19.99!

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