Jelly & Ice Cream – Our New Favourite TeaPigs


We’ve been fans of TeaPigs for years, in fact I cannot even contemplate sleep until I’ve had my TeaPigs Chamomile tea. It absolutely has to be TeaPigs, because that’s the only one that puts me to sleep, plus it’s by far the prettiest because it has actual Chamomile flowers in it. I’ve been known to even have it shipped to wherever we’re vacationing so that I can still get my fix, that’s dedication for you.

So when we were sent TeaPigs 10th Birthday Blend – Jelly & Ice Cream, we couldn’t wait to pop the kettle on and give it a try. It’s absolutely delicious, it tastes exactly like strawberry jelly and ice cream! It’s hard to believe they’re already celebrating 10 years of great quality tea, raise a birthday toast to TeaPigs with me and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.

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