Stocking Up The Delicious Christmas Snacks With Bahlsen


It’s that time of year again, you know, the time when you need to start stocking up the treat cupboard for the impending Christmas festivities and all of the visitors that come with it. I think you’re either firmly in one of two camps when it comes to the stockpiling of Christmas treats, you’re either one of the people who say you may as well start digging into the treats now as we’re well into December, or that you mustn’t even contemplate opening up the posh biscuits until at least Christmas Eve. Although, I probably find myself somewhere near the middle.

We love Bahlsen products, whether it’s Christmas or not really, any excuse for a Bahlsen biscuit in this house. At Christmas time though, we especially love their Marzipan Stollen, and that very rarely makes it to Christmas week with almost everyone wanting a slice of it! Bahlsen, are pretty much my go to brand for tasty Christmas biscuits too. As you never know who’s going to drop in around Christmas, I think it’s always best to keep a couple of those packets stashed away.

Little ones love their packs of Akora Dark Chocolate, the traditional German heart-shaped lebkuchen. They are filled with a deliciously spiced jam filling which fuses with the gingerbread base, and I think from the moment you open the bag you release the very essence of Christmas. Santa, appears to have a bit of a soft spot for their Lebkuchen Mischung, a wonderful assortment of gingerbread pieces, decorated with glazing and chocolate, and who could blame him.

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