It’s Time for Teddy’s Update!

It’s Time for Teddy’s Update!

Hey everypawdy!

How are you all?

It’s been a fun start to the new year for me. I got a new bed for Christmas, so I’ve spent the last few weeks chewing it up and generally leaving my teeth marks all over it. So that Bella doesn’t even think about sitting in it.

Next, my pawrents swapped our treats from a super tasty (probably super bad for you) brand, to an all natural one. Not gonna lie, had some serious withdrawals for the first few days, was ruff!

Finally, if you keep up with us on Instagram. You’ll see that I had an extreme makeover this week. All my poof has been cut back, so my coat is lovely for spring and summer. Literally picked the worst possible time to do it though. Going out to pee when it’s -5 outside is no joke, looks like we’re going to have warmer weather next week, thank goodness. There were a few moments there when I thought I’d turn into a pupsicle…

I’m excited to announce another of my amazing giveaways. We want you guys to know that we love you and really appreciate you reading and supporting this little ol’ site. So today we are once again giving away two £25 Amazon gift cards to two lucky winners!

It’s been wonderful seeing you all over our social and we want you to know that we read every single one of your comments. You taking the time to write them on here and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram means so much to us. Seeing you all on our new partner site, Mangeons, has been amazing too!

We have some exciting collaboration competitions coming up, so we don’t want any of our lovely readers to miss them. They’ll also be lots more pics of the official Vivre Le Rêve puppy-in-chief, Teddy.

Sending you all of our love and positive energy!

Teddy xoxo

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