Improving Your Home With Bifold Doors

Improving Your Home With Bifold Doors

On beautiful Summer days like today, our thoughts turn to throwing open the doors and windows and getting outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately, not all days are as glorious as today and the great British weather often sends us running back indoors. A fantastic solution to this problem is to install bifold doors that fold back, giving you an entire run of open space. A sliding door may give you more glass, but the bifold door gives you the opportunity to open up your entire room, especially if you’re thinking about entertaining outside and hosting garden dinner parties. Bifold doors are steadily becoming one of the most in-demand home improvement products. More and more homeowners are being converted to the exceptional benefits that bifold doors can offer a property.

Bringing the outside in creates a feeling of space, almost giving the illusion of an extension. It’s also great for bringing additional light into the kitchen. Similar to patio doors, bifold doors operate by folding and sliding. They are mounted in pairs, on rollers that are connected to a metal track that runs along the top and bottom of the door frame. As you open a bifold panel, it folds back, letting you open up as much or as little of a room to the outside as you require. The huge glazed areas of bifold doors have led to them becoming known as ‘window walls’. And if you’re tight for space, then bifold doors provides an elegant solution. Each door leaf folds smoothly onto each other. And is held firmly in place with magnetic pads to allow maximum light and uninterrupted views.

Most people want to have as seamless transition as possible from inside to outside, so they continue whatever their kitchen is tiled with onto a patio.

The idea of bifold doors has existed for several thousand years. But the technology has only really been perfected in the last decade. Excavations at Pompeii have shown that the Romans were familiar with folding door technology. Modern bifold doors are usually made from uPVC or aluminium that enable more glazing to be accommodated in the unit. Bifold door prices really do vary greatly, so it’s super important to shop around for the best price. Creating an easier transition will make your space seem much larger, even with the doors closed. A natural stone floor is a timeless solution for linking outside and inside. But more affordable porcelain tiles also work well.

Another reason, making bifold doors a fantastic option. Is their innovative sliding and folding opening mechanism. Bifold doors allow you to have complete control over the ventilation and access of a room. If you need to ventilate a portion of the room, a couple of bifold panels can be opened. If you’d rather ventilate the entire room, you can slide back all of the bifold panels. Effectively, bifold doors let a room be opened up completely to the outside, blurring the boundaries between home and garden.

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