Our Favourite Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Our Favourite Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg dig

Put some small chocolate eggs inside larger plastic eggs and then bury them in planters or a sandpit. Then give each child a spade and challenge them to go on an Easter egg dig to unearth their treasure.

Rhyming clues

This is so much fun. Hide a set of rhyming clues that take your child from one hiding place to another until they find their eggs.

Unscramble the letters

Start by giving them lots of cards with single letters written on them. Their challenge is to arrange the letters to spell the word of the place where they find their next clue, for example ‘freezer’ or ‘boots’. Each time a new jumble of letters will be hidden until the children reach the final hiding place and find their Easter eggs.

Glow in the dark

If your children can bear to wait until the evening go online and buy glow in the dark plastic eggs to hide around the garden. It adds a whole new level of excitement to an Easter egg hunt.


The easiest way to do this, is to buy a pre-made pinata at the store and fill the inside of it with wrapped sweets and small eggs. It’s also fun to add in thin strips of paper cut into streamers, confetti and anything else you fancy. Then cover the hole with masking tape so nothing falls out.

When you’re ready, tape string or ribbon to your pinata and hang from a branch or similar. Your kids can then smash it open … and collect up their Easter goodies!

Bunny money

Pop plastic coins inside plastic eggs and hide them round the house or garden. Once the children have collected all their coins they can use them to buy goodies from the ‘bunny shop’ which you can set up on a table with small toys and treats for them to ‘buy’.

Balloon popping

Pop little treats inside balloons, blow them up and place them about the house or garden. Children must pop the balloons to find their treats. If you’ve got younger children, try wrapping the treats up instead rather than using balloons.

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