Why We Love The Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker

Why We Love The Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker

Designed with smaller households in mind, the Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker is the key to effortless meal times, and offers endless potential when it comes to home cooking. Not only is slow cooking convenient, it delivers exceptional flavour, texture and nutrition in your dishes. It’s the perfect way to make casseroles, curries, soups, and even desserts. We’ve had the same (very large) slow cooker for years, but now more often than not there are only two of us around for meals, it’s fallen out of use mainly because it is so big.

This is just what’s needed for the winter months. This Crock-Pot Slow Cooker is great for us, as it’s so much smaller.

It has a 2.4 litre capacity. Filling it to capacity with ingredients gives us two very good size meals, so in reality there’s still a bit left over in case one fancies some more. It’s also very efficient; looking at our electricity smart-meter when it’s in use, electricity usage barely increases at all, so it seems to use almost no power.

It cooks well, is a good size for just two of us, is very well built. It’s also easy to clean as the central ceramic section lifts out. Equipped with oven-safe stoneware and 3 settings for extra versatility, the Crock-Pot CSC046 is sure to be a welcome addition to any kitchen. It even comes with a recipe book to help spark your creativity.

With a busy work life, home cooking is not the easiest. The crock-pot is the perfect solution. Set it and forget it in the morning, come back to a fully cooked meal and a lovely smelling house after work. The 2.4L fits a good amount for two people. This is not the first slow cooker I have owned, but it is definitely the best. I thought long and hard about which replacement to buy before I decided on this one. I prepare food the night before, put it in the ceramic pot and pop in the fridge overnight. Then come the morning I switch it onto low. When I come home, my kitchen smells delicious.

We use this on a very regular basis and we’re very happy with it in all respects. The style and design are terrific and it is proving to be a very convenient and essential addition to my kitchen. Capacity wise, this is also more suitable than my last slow cooker which was 3.5L. Admittedly mine’s less used in summer. But in the colder months it’s an absolute godsend. I probably use it almost every night. They work by using a low energy heat element, similar to a low energy light bulb, but just over a long period of time, and using the induction of good quality materials to keep heat in.

It’s absolutely perfect for if you work long hours but still want to eat well – there’s not much actual cooking involved.

Just a bit of prep. It works incredibly well for meat – one of the benefits is you can buy cheaper cuts, and because of the slow cook, the fat will melt away.

Overall, brilliant. The price is incredibly reasonable. Similar to other brands that perform lesser. And it does exactly what you’d expect it to do, and well. This is an extremely well made small slow cooker. It has two levels of cooking and a keep warm facility. And the pot itself is dishwasher and oven safe – though you can’t saute in it. It’s compact on my work top. Smart enough to serve up at the table and though it has no bells and whistles it is really reliable.

An excellent slow cooker with a small footprint in your kitchen, it is smart, functional and very simple to use. The crock-pot can be removed. And put in the oven, handy if you’ve added too much liquid and want to reduce it. Plus it is dishwasher friendly and that is always a bonus – you can buy the Crock-Pot CSC046 Slow Cooker here and If you fancy winning one for yourself, just enter via the rafflecopter below. We have 2 to giveaway, Good luck!

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