What Will the Future of Blogging Look Like?

What Will the Future of Blogging Look Like?

I’ve written this as part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging – http://innovationcompany.co.uk

You don’t have to look very far online to find a post titled ‘Is Blogging Over?’ As a lot of you already know, Google Trends rely heavily on search data. If there are less people searching for the keyword Blogging, then Google of course, decides that the interest in it is low.

I have to admit, that blogging in any form is becoming harder day by day. Back in 2009, if you published an article with a focused keyword, it would easily rank. But now, due to the ever changing nature of Google’s algorithms, you need to cut through the competition with extremely high quality content, to really rank within Google’s boundaries. You have to do this consistently, day in, day out. I believe it to be true that Google is well on its way to analysing content more effectively than humans and we need to adapt to be able to stay ahead of that.

You really need to be captivating your readers with quality content that they can’t find elsewhere, or they will ditch you. With everybody now documenting their lives online, who really cares about yours? A real shift in the attitudes of Millennials also, who want the truth, not the sugar coated version. I predict this trend will continue, as people are becoming more choosy about the content they consume online mostly due to faster lifestyles and limited time.

Content marketing is basically strategic writing. It helps your potential customers with their decisions and encourages them to complete a profitable action. Nowadays, the majority of the content in popular niches you encounter everyday online, will be comtent written by content marketers. I think that this will absolutely continue, well into the future. It’s true that us writers have to consistently be better than we were before. We’re all well aware that writing is one of those skills that can be easily automated by machines with learning capabilities. There are already so many articles that are written by bots, particularly within the content marketing domain. This trend will most definitely continue.

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