We’ve Experienced Rodrigo Otazu #otazujewelry and We’re in Love!


It’s a very special day for Teddy and I today because we’re wearing Rodrigo Otazu for the very first time. Otazu is a world renowned jewellery brand that launches several new lines each season, an Otazu Classic, Ro by Rodrigo Otazu and Otazu Couture collection. The collections consist of luxury pieces, handmade in Europe that sparkle like the sun. I’m in love with Otazu jewellery and the way that it is made with supremely high quality Swarovski crystals. Cleverly, each design has its own spectrum of colours and shapes. Their website writes that Otazu collections represent love for life and the unique hand crafted pieces enhance the natural beauty of women, and I couldn’t agree more, these are pieces for the modern woman with the female form in mind.


Honestly, I’m usually extremely particular when it comes to jewellery my poor husband has learned over the last decade to consult with me before splurging on a piece because I’m well-known for being so fussy. For example (and I know that this sounds terrible) I no longer where the ring my husband proposed with because I replaced it with one I actually like. I am not wearing a ring I do not like for the rest of my life in the name of love, nope. I’ve even been known to have my jewellery made to specification by jewellers in The Jewellery Quarter because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. This particularness does also of course have it’s advantages for my friends and family, it’s highly unlikely that they’d receive a substandard piece from me either, because I don’t associate with them, and neither does Teddy, ha!


In short, if I’m recommending you buy a piece of jewellery that isn’t custom or antique then you know Otazu has to be pretty incredible. Otazu are currently very generously offering all Vivre Le Rêve readers 30% off, simply use code VIVRE at checkout. How incredible would it be to open one of these sparkly pieces on Christmas morning, their gift packaging if also absolutely divine and with 30% off you really can’t go wrong. I suggest you follow them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook so that you can stay up to date with their new releases.


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