Unsure of How to Keep the Kids Busy Whilst Travelling? Read This First

Unsure of How to Keep the Kids Busy Whilst Travelling? Read This First

Heading away on a family holiday is something so many of us look forward to every single year. Making memories, having fun, enjoy the sun and just getting away from it all: heaven! However, many parents consider the long journey to the holiday destination the final hurdle they need to pass before relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Let’s be honest. Travelling with little ones isn’t easy. Mainly because they’re bored and get frustrated; as adults, we feel it too only we can control our emotions a little better. Many parents dread travelling with their little ones simply because they cannot soothe, entertain and comfort them as they would at home, rendering them helpless. It’s not a good feeling. But don’t worry, here I’ve put together five ways of keeping your children busy and content while you’re travelling.

Activity packs

Keeping them busy and occupied will not only pass the time, but they’ll stop being bored! You can buy activity packs online, but I find it cheaper and easier to put one together myself. Start by printing off activity and colouring sheets from the internet – check out Printer Inks for the latest ink cartridge prices – and don’t forget to include some pens and colouring pencils. I also add packs of stickers, mini puzzles and even some little toys for them to unwrap and play along the way. It’s a fun and exciting way to start the journey.

Pack plenty of snacks

Snacks are a must for any journey! I find that if I let the kids join in and help me create a packed lunch for the trip, they feel much more involved, and it’s another element of the journey to get excited about. Let them choose a yoghurt, a piece of fruit and some savoury items but then purchase something a little different to what you’d typically have at home – like candies or jelly sweets – and let them see that this is a special treat. Make sure they have a bottle of water each, too, and I usually keep a few extra savoury items with me just in case there are more tummy rumbles along the way.

Create a playlist

Instead of hearing the same old songs, why not let the kids create a playlist? Fill it with songs that everyone can sing along to and add songs from their favourite movies and tv shows. Ensure plenty of variety, though – Baby Shark on repeat whilst in a traffic jam isn’t good for anyone!

Try an audiobook

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of a playlist, try an audiobook instead. A collection of short stories is a lovely way to pass the time. You’ll be amazed at how quiet the car suddenly feels!

Let them pack a bag

When kids feel more involved, they feel more in control. So, let them pack a bag with their own toys before you travel. Cuddly toys, small items and things that bring comfort. However, if they try to bring their whole Lego collection, then you might need to step in and help them…

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