Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 8, 2019

Organised Family Life Hacks – Part 8, 2019

Planning ahead and doing a little bit at a time leaves a lot more time to enjoy yourself and just makes the general day to day running of life so much easier. You also can save money by being prepared through the year. Every Monday we’ll post a list of Organised Family Life Hacks that we’ve compiled over the years. If you have any of your own to add, please comment below. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you suggest!


  • I make up a big bag of soffritto – 2:1:1 mix of onion, carrot and celery as the base for sauces, soups etc – in the food processor straight after we get home from the supermarket. It goes into a few freezer bags and then I just have to break off chunks as required.


  • Take a photo of school/nursery letter on your phone then you can bin the letter. Easier to find when you need it too. No-brainer but always do school items straight away, money for school trips, donations etc put straight into school bag so it can’t be forgotten.


  • Move toddlers and small children to where you want them to be by turning off the lights where you don’t want them to be. They’re like moths – will always follow the light.


  • Always, always get the kids clothes out, laid out on the floor, including coats, socks and shoes the night before. Saves loads of time
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